Top 10 Unique romantic hotels for a perfect honeymoon


Dream to spend your next romantic runaway with a twist?  We got 10 suggestions for some unique and romantic hotels to stay in, suitable for couples traveling all around the United States. Here we go!

  1. The Delta King

There’s no way to get a better view of the river than staying in a hotel on the river! Why waste quite a sum for a romantic boat trip when you can choose from the most romantic hotel rooms on the water for a couple of nights? The Delta King is actually a ship docked in the downtown of Sacramento, California. Its tiny rooms are so cute and comfortable. Get on board and arrange a romantic dinner at the restaurant on the upper deck.

  1. Hotel de Glace

Perhaps you know some couples that have once stayed in an ice hotel? Staying the night in a suite of Quebec’s Hotel de Glace won’t make you both freeze to death, so leave all your worries along with your sleeping bags at home. You will also find access to heated bathrooms and in their premium suites, a fireplace and a hot tub in this hotel. Whether you go there to celebrate your marriage or just date women online and decide to develop your connection, this option is just so perfect!

Note: January to March are actually the only months you can book a room in this hotel before the ice begins to melt!

  1. Post Ranch Inn

Don’t miss out this awesome opportunity to return in your childhood and sleep in a tree-house! Now in luxury! California’s Post Ranch Inn is known as one of America’s most romantic hotels. Get yourselves a nice bedroom on a tree with your own fireplace and a panoramic window to stargaze at night!

  1. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Try on the cavemen skins at the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, a romantic underground hotel deep in the Arkansas Ozark Country. The walls are actual rocks, but in between you will be provided with luxury bedding and hot Jacuzzi tubs with champagne!

  1. Northern Rail Traincar Inn

If you’re literally dying to find a new place to go for your weekend away, take a closer look at Northern Rail Traincar Inn, a set of renovated train containers less than 30 minutes north of Duluth, Minnesota. Your suite comes with an electric fireplace, plus this place got little extras to add to your weekend, like summertime campfires and snowshoes for rent in the winter. There can be dozens of romantic hotels in Paris, but who can possibly walk past a chance to spend a night in a train container? That’s not sarcasm!

  1. Dog Bark Park Inn

Should we point out why it’s unique?  The whole place is a guesthouse inside the world’s biggest kennel! Some local chainsaw artists have made decorative one-of-a-kind furnishings keeping it with the dog theme.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is unique and romantic not just because people who love dogs can spend their time surrounded by these wonderful creatures, but every dog owning couple is free to bring their pet here. With no phones or TVs in the room, you will have to either focus on each other or take your dog for a walk around the territory! And you will be rewarded with a fascinating story to tell your friends at your next dinner gathering!

  1. Wickwood Inn

This fantastic barbeque hotel in Saugatuck is absolutely unique only in the sense that it is highly unlikely that you will come across an absolute culinary delight such as this hotel. Eventually, the owner has authored several cookbooks which are available for sale!

  1. WigWam Arizona and WigWam Motel

If you are into discovering unconventional and romantic places to spend a weekend with your beloved person and you are fascinated by America’s Route 66, head to the WigWam Motel. You can choose from 2 versions currently available – San Bernardino in California, and Holbrook in Arizona.

  1. Library Hotel

Imagine a luxurious boutique-like small hotel that is built around in a library style. One of the most romantic hotels in NYC. There are over 6000 books sorted using the good old Dewy decimal system. That means 10 floors with 10 definite categories of books. From psychology studies on the third floor to religious literature on the 10th, there is something that each couple will be curious about.

  1. Winvian

Winvian, located in Connecticut’s charming Litchfield Hills, suggests luxury cottages in no less than 19 different styles. Some people often call it “113 acres of heaven on earth”. Just because everything from a night in a tree house, to a musical conservatory. Grab a bike and explore surrounding areas or indulge in lavish spa treatments. Simple pleasures are what it’s all about.


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