Gifts for People obsessed with India


Many Indian people are obsessed with Indian cuisine, while others may be curious about the history of India. Many Indians are in love with the Indian culture. Therefore, the researchers have done some research regarding the gifts for people obsessed with India. Here is the list of some fabulous gifts to give you an idea what you can give to the people who are obsessed with India.

If you are going to gift a pair of traditional jhumka or earrings to any female regarding of their age, then it will surely bring a smile to their face. You can get these traditional jhumka from anywhere but preferably if you want to know any one place in specific to buy it from then you can get them from Fabindia in an affordable price.

  • Lord Ganesha Figurine

This formula is never going to fail worldwide for Indian lovers. For them, Ganesha statues are the excellent gifts. Lord Ganesha is worshipped for good luck as well as success and thus one can find them in most of the houses and offices. Most of the Ganesha figures features intricate handwork on solid metal brass. The price of this gift is nearly 2000 rupees.

  • Handcrafted wall hanging

You can never run out of the ideas for gifts as there is a very rich and ancient traditional handicraft in India. You can choose from a great range of fabric items including carpets, cushion covers, tapestries, etc. Most famous are the ones from outstanding workmanship of the Kutchi people from the state of Gujarat.

  • Saree

Sarre is the oldest form of garment which is still in existence. It is the favourite attire of India which is 5000 years old. Many varieties of sareer are available varying from one state of person to another. They also keep changing according to the fashion trend. You can select them according to the designs as well as fabric material. But the most famous one is Banarasi Street and it is the best gift to give to your that someone special.

  • Mithai Box

It is all time favourite not only for the gifts livers but also for the gifts takers. You must know their favourite sweet and taste. If you know which place they prefer the most for taking the sweeys then trust me it is going to touch their heart like never did before from any other gift. It is not only a great gift for family but also for friends, colleagues and even for unknowns. Haldiram is all time favourite of people for having sweets. Also,  haldiram is purely 100 percent vegetarian so anybody can have it.

  • Tanjore Paintings

Anyone who is enthusiastic about Indian art as well as who have a good knowledge of Art would definitely appreciate Tanjore Paintings as a gift. These paintings has rich and vivid colors and depicts spiritual characters or scenes from mythology. These paintings can lighten up any space. This work of art which is well framed would be a great gift for anyone who is in love with India and it’s culture.


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