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Things You must know before taking Hotel Management Careers

Hotel Management is at the heart of the modern hotel industry and demands an impeccable workforce in its pursuit for delivering quality services to the customers. Thanks to the ubiquitous globalization all over, hotels owners these days are keen in developing various multi-country hospitality chains providing an added opportunity to the hotel managers to travel around the globe as they do their job-Just the icing on the cake! Considered as one of the most glamorous careers, it requires a highly dedicated staff to tackle the problems pertaining to this field. If you too are a man of the party and are driven by the penchant for having literally an extravaganza around your place of work, it is definitely your call! The present article provides much-needed information for the career at hand.

What is hotel management and what all does it have in it!

Things You must know before taking Hotel Management Careers

Hotel management refers to those professional management skills which come handy in the hospitality sector. This includes hotel administration, housekeeping, accounts, food and beverage management, catering and maintenance to name a few. Apart from the obvious Restaurant and hotel management, it also offers arenas as diverse as cruise ship hotel management, Tourism and guest houses, airline catering, forest lodges among many more.

What is an academic requirement to pursue a career in Hotel management?

Things You must know before taking Hotel Management Careers

As regards the education, top players are the IHMs or the Institutes of Hotel Management which admit aspirants through a common joint entrance examination for their prestigious Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management courses. One may also opt for the Master’s in Hotel Management after it. The eligibility for the bachelor’s program being 50% marks in the +2 examination. Apart from this, one may also go for the diploma level as well as the certificate level courses offered across various institutes in our country. Some of the finest institutions for the aforementioned degrees are listed as under:

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition; Pusa, New Delhi.
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai, Noida and Chennai.
  • The above colleges are IHMs.
  • Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, New Delhi.
  • Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal
  • Christ College, Bangalore etc.

To name a few government colleges such as the IHM may charge you anything around 38,000 rupees per semester, at the same time private colleges like the Christ college Bangalore charge around 4 lakh rupees for completion of the course.

Job Prospect sand Remuneration

Those recruited as the pass outs from a top level college, say the IHM, will initially make around 30 to 40 thousand rupees while those having a certificate or diploma level qualification will draw around 15 to 20 thousand a month. This salary depends on a host of factors including the popularity and outreach of the hospitality chain and also on the  recession to name a few. Some of the top recruiters are:

  • Taj Group of Hotels, Mumbai
  • Le Meridian’s , New Delhi
  • Jaypee group of Hotels, Noida
  • Oberoi and Ambassador group of Hotels to name a few. Hotel management is a career which, if embraced by a passionate professional, may fetch him up to the zenith’s height. If you are willing to work hard and keep yourself cool in most tensed of the scenarios, it is definitely something you should lend your thoughts onto!Things You must know before taking Hotel Management Careers


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