What is the difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?

power yoga

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yug’, is a disciplined technique to control the body and the mind to unify the soul and the spirit. It is an ancient Indian science of knowledge which has infinite potentials to unearth the human capabilities.

Traditional Yoga aims at attainment of one’s spiritual harmony by perfecting the art of proper mind-control and self-realization. Regular practicing of Yoga helps improve coordination, body reaction time and with sharp memories. It brings in the optimum level of energy needed by our body to assist in a balanced blood circulation through our body, helping us to be more proactive. It helps us to reach a state of mind where we can experience reality by engaging the whole universe as a part of us as the body, mind and soul unites. With proper breathing and meditation techniques, one can help relieve stress and can become more focus-oriented at work.

It teaches us to find harmony and peace of mind in a state of utter chaos, as it symbolizes the attainment of a healthy lifestyle through a sound mind. Physical, mental and spiritual well-being is becoming a recent trend in developed western countries, thus leading to the widespread popularity of Yoga worldwide. However, this version of fast-paced yoga exercises involved in western countries makes one sweat and helps build muscular strength and flexibility.

Power Yoga, as the name goes, is a dynamic and more versatile form of traditional Yoga. It is a faster form of Yoga and consists of intense motions by focusing more on strength and endurance rather than on mediation and yogic chanting. While traditional Yoga consists of a definite set of positions or ‘asanas’, it attempts to highlight every possible range of motions which stimulates the blood circulation and helps in regeneration.

What is the difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?It enhances our stamina, increases muscle flexibility and helps to focus better. It revitalizes the bodily functions and relieves us from tensions and stress. It augments in improving body postures and helps people with work-related fatigues and spinal problems. Besides that, it helps fight higher cholesterol levels and blood pressure issues. It increases the cardiovascular circulations and helps fight numerous health issues as well. It also helps treat insomnia in adults and is ideally beneficial for weight loss. The various positions or ‘asanas’ help improve one’s stamina, endurance, muscle flexibility and body balance, that helps prevent falls in old aged persons.

It is programmed to make you sweat; it is a vigorous and fast-paced form of traditional Yoga. It is another variant of ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ and follows certain set of ‘asanas’ and is closely linked with your breathing technique and the rigorous movements. It incorporates exercises and other poses which helps build the inner core and the back muscle stronger. Finding the perfect body balance and flexibility from the inner core is vital in this form of Yoga as one can attain high energy and spirit by increasing stamina and body health.

The benefits of Yoga are endless as it gives a sense of mental satisfaction with a purpose at hand. It is an important aspect in the fitness regime as one looks out for better results in a much lesser span of time. Muscle building in the gym could come at the cost of flexibility, but both could be simultaneously attained if they are followed strictly through systematic training modules like the one in Cult Bangalore. It changes your mental outlook and physical awareness by preparing the body, mind and soul for a perfect amalgamation towards better health.


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