Thoughts you get when you are a first time content writer

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Content writing, blogs and reviews can be great fun specially when you get to write on topics close to your heart. While some people start it early from their school days others often do it later. But there is a marked difference between writing for school or college magazines and writing professionally.
Some say that it all gets fine with experience . However early bird or not there are a few things that goes through every first timer while jotting down their first piece.

I hope even you will relate to these thoughts:

Thoughts you get when you are a first time content writer

1.“Finally I have bagged in my first assignment” :

The joy of getting your first write-up after so many applications and rejections is boundless. You will tend to relieve that the earlier applications were not actually worth your time and passion. Several thoughts will run through head as you get super excited to start.

2.“ I will do the best research ever “ :

Let whatever be the topic of your first write-up you will find it to be the most interesting one. You will find it to be totally ‘your’ topic. With that and a cup of steaming coffee and you will start with your research. Promising yourself that this writing will be your best ever.

3.“ Am I bragging ?” :

While writing professionally for the first time you will definitely get conscious in the middle of your writing. You will think whether you are actually writing something interesting and engaging or just bragging along. You will actually re-read your write-up time and again just check if you have ever used the same set of words twice.

4.“ I should do more research …. “ :

The more conscious you get the more you will tend to think that you are not doing extensive research work that you should be doing. So you will yourself to another cup of coffee and start browsing more.

5.“O god , I hope my grammar is correct” :

Let how much high grades you scored in your English language paper in school ; how many novels you have read, you are bound to get a panic attack for your ‘tenses’ and ‘persons’.

6.“ Damn punctuation !” :

Punctuation can be super confusing at times. You will surely get super irritated with the punctuation, specially when you can’t decide whether to use ‘ , ‘ or ‘ ; ’. You will definitely curse the person who invented these.

7.“Thank God ! I have Spell check” :

After all the cursing you will be super thankful to see the red line underneath any word. You be relieved to realize that at least you do not need to worry about your spelling.

8.“Good Job girl, good !” :

After extensive research work when you will find that you have almost read all possible data available you will start feeling confident about yourself. That’s not all . You might even pat your own back and praise yourself.

9.“ Finally they are going to get the best writing till date “ :

After you jot down the last word of your writing you will reach the epitome of pride and satisfaction. For you this writing will be the best ever. You might even be planning to send it to some official entries of awards. Super happy you.

10.“ Why is he not sending the acceptance note?” :

After all the hard work when you finally send the writing to your boss for approval. This will be the worst wait ever. On one hand you will be excited about all the praise you are expecting to get and on the other the time lag can take a toll on you. It will not only make you super grumpy but also restless.

11.“ I will surely not get paid this time “ :

The longer the time taken by your boss to approve , the lesser are your chances to get paid. This is the exact thing that will go on in your mind. Sometimes if your boss is super busy and kind of forgets about your submission, you might head towards the door yourself.

12.“ Yes, I made it finally, Yes !” :

Thank God, Thank mom ,Thank teacher ,thank everybody – this will be you the moment you get your salary after approval of writing. With that the next thought is “common its a big achievement, what will I be gifting myself? “

New ventures are super exciting and simultaneously super tough. But the real fun lies in the process of learning and mastering the new role. It can be your profession or simply your passion. But every first time brings in a gush of new happiness and fears. I hope you could relate to the thoughts that crossed my mind when I wrote my price of web writing and had fun relieving you time


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