5 Signs that You are a True Foodie


You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy food which is equivalent to happiness. Pizza, ice-cream, burger, waffle, doughnut or butter chicken; whenever you heard these names, a certain glare comes in your eyes and you start picturing these tasty delicacies and you crave for them, then my dear you are a true foodie but in spite these there are other signs as well which prove you are a foodie by heart and soul.

  1. You are a food guide to your friends

Your friends depend on you for latest food trends and ask for your suggestions before trying a new place rather than checking that on Google or Zomato. In every squad there is always one such bhukkad who knows everything about food and new eateries in the town, and always end up telling people about them.

  1. You have nothing to talk about except food

Last weekend when I went out with a few of my friends for a brunch, while having food they started discussing the latest hot topic and everyone’s favorite was Big Boss, and I was just enjoying my food while looking at their faces and listening to their opinions because I had no idea about it and when asked for my opinion I started telling them about the new restaurant coming up in West Delhi. Isn’t it quite obvious that I am a big food lover? 😛

  1. You have explored almost all the eating joints you could

Your sole motive to live is just to explore all the food present on earth before you die, and for that you would have surely made the plans and the checklist as well. No matter how hectic your schedule is, you always take out time to visit the newly opened restaurant in the vicinity after all food is you first love.

  1. Dieting is a big no

For you dieting is a big no, in spite of the fact that you know your weight is increasing day by day, your parents are after your life because of your insane food habits but still you ignore that. Sometimes you make your mind to restrict your diet, but whenever you see a picture of your favorite food or you even heard of it, you just can’t ignore that and bursts the dieting bubble.

  1. You love watching cooking shows rather than daily soaps

While your friends like watching Game of thrones or F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you love watching master chef, and other cookery shows. While having a normal discussion about Television shows with your mother, she tells you about the problems faced by the protagonist and you tells her about the latest difficult challenge in Master Chef Australia.


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