20 Best Foods to Control Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes, is a metabolic condition characterised by excessive blood sugar levels. Insulin transports sugar from the bloodstream into your cells, where...

Ten Recipes to Dine on this Quarantine Season

The Quarantine has been getting to us and the TV shows are over. Do not worry. Here are some easy and tasty recipes to keep you occupied through the wait.

Top 10 best cheap cafes of Kolkata

Kolkata is very much known for its sweet culture and delightful bonbons. A place nailing in creating such amazing soul touching deserts will never...

10 Interesting Japanese festivals

Festivals are the key to the culture and tradition of a country. If you are fascinated by Japan, then its various colourful and traditional...

Best Valentine’s Day Recipes To Impress Your Beloved When You Can’t Cook

Valentine’s day is around the corner and love is in the air. So is the desire to impress your significant other, or someone you...

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