Saree Fever On Bollywood Songs

Saree Fever On Bollywood Songs
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Bollywood is always inclined to the six-yard garment. Beautiful and gorgeous ladies of Bollywood have created sizzles on-screen draped in sarees; sarees have cast a magical spell on screen since time immemorial. So here, I give you top ten saree songs of Bollywood.

10) Actress Mumtaz’s rock and roll dance in the song Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche’ is all time favorite of Bollywood lovers. Her saree was draped in a peculiar manner to give her a different look. Today, her look in this iconic song is registered memorable in Bollywood’s history.

9)Who can forget Sushmita Sen in the song ‘Laga Prem Rog’ in which she donned light brown saree flaunting her gorgeous figure. She was seen dancing in the rain, with her silky mane flying in the air, which set our heartbeats racing, and the location added to the mood, like icing on the cake.

8)Actress Katrina Kaif was seen draped in saree amidst waterfalls and rainy settings in the song ‘Meri Pehli Mohabbatwhich also featured Akshay Kumar. The song is set sensuously with mild rain in which wet-haired Katrina romances with her on-screen beau Akshay, fluttering her black, orange and white sarees quashing screen completely with her bold and seductive expressions. This dance number added thousands of more fans in her already huge admiring list.

7)Always playing it safe Kareena Kapoor expresses no qualms when she dared to spot an orange chiffon saree in the song Zubi Dubi’ in which the slim-trim actress moved her body with thumka with Amir Khan. The oomph factor of Kareena, added beauty to her appearance in this quirky song, with a saree.

6)Director Yash Chopra’s name is synonymous with Switzerland and chiffon saree. And this romantic combination was seen in the movie ‘Mohobbattein’ in the song Hamko Hami Se Chura Lo’ in which Aishwarya Rai showed her best elegance wearing sheer saree, amongst snow-peaked mountains and green pastures.

5)Love is best seen on-screen in Indian movies when the actress is draped in delicate, diaphanous saree. Sridevi expresses this sort of love in the movieChandni.’ From yellow to blue, pink and white, with her shy expressions, she did complete justice to the saree in the song ‘Tere Mere Hoto Pe.’

4)This beauty raised the glamor quotient when she transformed herself from a geeky girl to a sexy siren. She pulled out the saree avatar like no other actress could. Dipika was draped in a blue saree with a thin golden border in the song ‘Badtamiz Dil’ which reiterated the fact, that saree is always a crowd puller.

3)We all skipped our beats when we saw desi girl Priyanka Chopra ditching the hot pants and donning a saree with bikini blouse. She moved to the tunes of the song ‘Desi Girl’ from the movie Dostana showing her sexy side and pointing that saree can be more sexy than any other attire and the damsel proved this fact, by this song.

2) Nagma and Sanjay Dutt sizzled on-screen in the song ‘Akhir Tujhe Aana Hai’ making the audience go star-struck. She soared the temperatures to the very high degree with the chemistry she shared with Sanjay in this song. Nagma’s curls and chiffon saree up-ed the hotness quotient when she laid on floor, dancing to the tunes of this song, while she complains to Sanjay for coming late to home, in a lovely manner. Her killer expressions did not just make her hotter for that time, but an object of desire for many generations to come.

1)Our eyes and mind can never forget the sensuously choreographed song Tip Tip Barsa Paniand the breath-taking clad of Raveena Tondon. The husbands of all generations gift their wives the same colored chiffon saree, to see the charm of this coveted garment, which Raveena draped in this scorching song, which even gives the competition to bikini. Raveena was seen embracing and dancing sensuously, displaying her sultry beauty with her lover Akshay Kumar, who looked as macho as it can get.


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