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8 Timeless Relationship Tips You Should Never Forget… Secret Of Happy Love Life

Relationships!!! A land of heaven for happy couple, whereas piece of hell for those who are always involve into fighting. Guys this is a relationship, not a ring of WWE where you will always fight. For being in a happy relationship you need to follow some rules. I am not saying that these are compulsory rules but something that can surely resolve you love life problems. Want some help from ‘Love Guru (teacher)’? I am afraid to say he is out of service now but this well wisher of yours would love to give you some tips on relationship that you should never forget… go ahead… Best of luck (Y)

1.Give Her Priority

The girl, in love, can tolerate anything but not your ignorance. Same is the cases with your boys. So always try your best to give priority to your partners. Common man!!! It’s your partner for god sake, not any puppet bought from the market. You need to make them feel special. So prioritize them. Your time is more valuable than a diamond ring for them; even though they will expect a diamond ring on their engagement but they will crave for your time for the whole life.

2.Intimacy Is Required

Yeah may be some couples wont like to jump into the bed at their first meet. But intimacy doesn’t at all mean ‘am dying to have sex’. It’s just spending some quality time with your partner like getting intimate is something that every couple would like to do. I still remember that touch of your partner which gives goose bumps are something which can’t be explained. So couples out there, just an advice-‘don’t let the intimacy between you, die’, if you want your relationship to go on and on forever.

  1. Honesty Is The Best Policy

This is not a proverb only; it plays a vital role in your relationship and am not kidding. Always try to be genuine and honest. Whatever the situation might be, just give the honest answer. Don’t ever fake it, like ever!!! Being honest saves a lot of upcoming harsh words coming towards you and runs the relationship smoothly.

4.Respect Your Partner

Yeah this is the most important thing in the relationship, respect. Respect is something which is must in a relationship. If you don’t respect your partners, then I guess you guys don’t know the value of the word called ‘love’. For getting a strong relationship you need to learn to respect your partners too.

5.Keep Space For Romance

Romance is a must in a relationship. It develops the bond you share with your partner.

6.Try To Remember Everything

Girls love it when you remember every detail about her. It’s not like remembering about the color of her lipstick or dress, details as in the food she loves, what she likes, dislikes, her birth date etc. Girls seriously appreciate this effort taken by their partners.

7.Share Their Interests

It’s necessary that you try to share their interest. It’s like showing interest to their interest. Watch their favorite TV series with them or going to watch cricket match to stadiums. But don’t kill your interests too. Just try to make their interest as ours.

8.Rather Than Complimenting, Complete Them

Every partner wants their partner to compliment them but compliment is not everything that they want. Try to complete them. Just be with them at every moment, may that be happiness or sad moments just try to be their soul for lifetime.



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