Meditation : The magical solution to all problems

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As we all know that these days the life of everyone is full of a lot of problems. Stress, tension, anxiety and depression have become the common issues behind people’s miseries. It is a very well-known quote :

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

To overcome the problems of life, one is required to peep into one’s own inner self. One should look into his/her own self and should first try to find out the reason behind his/her misery. After that, he/she should try to question his/her own self that whether the reason behind his/her misery is worthy of lamenting or not. This is because it is often found that people worry unnecessarily over such things which are not at all important and stay trapped in the web of unnecessary worries and miseries.

The only way to escape from the web of unnecessary worries and miseries is mediation. Yes, you have heard it right. Meditation is the solution to each and every problem. It is having innumerable benefits which can help people live a tranquil life.

Meditation : The magical solution to all problems

But now the question arises that how can one meditate. Is there any process of meditation? Can meditation be learned? Who can meditate? Is it possible for everyone to meditate? Is meditation tough to practice? From where can one learn to meditate? These are the general questions which may arise in everybody’s mind. In this article, we will answer all these questions to give you a deep understanding about meditation.

Meditation is a process of focusing all of ones attention at his/her own self by controlling ones breathing. It may seem silly to some to hear that for meditation one needs to control ones breathing. But it is true that in meditation, one needs to control his/her breath. This control on breath doesn’t mean that one is required to stop ones breath. It is about focusing deeply on ones every single inhale and exhale. It is about feeling each and every breath deeply.

Meditation : The magical solution to all problems

Though control on breathing is the most important part of meditation, but it involves a proper process. Following is the process of meditation :

  • Make up your mind for mediation
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Find a serene environment
  • Fix the time goal
  • Sit in the correct posture
  • Hands should be kept in Dhyaan Mudra
  • Start focusing on breathing
  • Think about your goal
  • Think positively
  • Push away all negative thoughts
  • Continue this for 10-15 minutes (or more, depending upon ones practice)
  • After you are done, come back to reality with a positive mind

In answer to the question that can meditation be learned, we would like to inform you that meditation is a process requiring a lot of patience. One cannot acquire such patience on ones own, so one needs to learn meditation from a trained person.


Anybody can learn to practice meditation. It is possible for everyone to meditate but meditation requires strong will power. A person should be strongly determined to practice meditation before starting it.

Meditation is not at all tough to practice. But a person needs to be highly patient to achieve a tranquil state in meditation. It is because, in the beginning, one may find it extremely tough to concentrate and ones head may be filled with a lot of nonsense thoughts. But with continual practice, one can easily achieve the tranquil meditative state and can enjoy the innumerable benefits of meditation.

There are a lot of spiritual organizations which give people training of meditation. Many yog shivirs are also held to train people in meditation. Some of the famous places where one can learn meditation include Art of Living, Brahma kumaris and Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan. There are also a lot of professional trainers for meditation who give people training of meditation at their home.

So, learning to practice meditation is no more a tough thing as there are a lot of options available from where one can learn to practice meditation.


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