5 Thai Desserts Fit For A King! Must Try Traditional Sweets


‘Fit for a king’ means something very exquisite and delicious fit for a king to eat. This adjective perfectly suitable for the amazing Thai cuisine. Not only tasty, the food from Thailand is organic and healthy too.

Thus, desserts from Thailand have become a worldwide demand. It’s not surprising considering how delectable the Thai food is. Let’s jump into the band waggon and learn about a few traditional sweets straight from the bustling streets of Thailand!

1. Khanom Buang (Thai Crepes)

The history of the Thai crepes can be traced back 600 years to the Ayutthaya period. This paper-thin traditional dessert was first created by a Japanese lady, married to a Thai diplomat. But who cares about the history? At present, these Thai crepes have made their way into the streets of Thailand as one of the must-try delicacies. Crepe is a flat and crispy thin pancake, stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings. It is made using Kra-ja (flat spreader) and is filled with smooth white cream. It’s garnished with golden threads of dulcified egg yolks dessert.
It is a common street food in Thailand and is pretty popular with people all around the world!

Grab a bunch of 'em, kids! Thai delights
Crispy and ready to eat!


2. Khanom Tuay Fuu (Thai Steamed Muffins)

Usually, people bake muffins, but these Thai rice flour muffins are steamed with scented Jasmine water. These are yet another popular traditional dessert in Thailand. The additional food colouring in these fluffs makes them look more pretty and adorable. Imagine a yummy dessert perfumed with fragrant flowers! The fact that they are steamed, they quite remind me of Idlis.

Steamed muffins.. YUM! Thai delights
Pretty and cute little muffins!


3. Nang Led (Traditional Rice Cakes)

Thai sweet crispy rice cakes with cane sugar drizzle is another dessert recipe from East and the North. It is said to have originated in the North in order to make use of the leftover sticky rice. These healthy organic delights are made from brown or white puffed rice and glazed with brown sugar syrup. They are simple sun-dried crackers, served with various spreads (depending upon how you’d like to have it) and found in every corner of Thailand. A must try healthy snack!

One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. We'll eat them in one go! Thai Delights
Perfect! I’m hungry now…


4. Thong Yip (Flower Egg Yolk Tart)

An auspicious traditional dessert, Thong Yip is usually made in special propitious occasions like weddings and housewarmings. It symbolises success, wealth and good luck for all future endeavours. These exquisite bite-sized flower egg yolk tarts are a crisp taste coaster for the mouth. Good luck and flavour, the best combination!

I could stuff a bunch in one go! Thai Delights
Pretty, aren’t they?


5. Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)

Ah, the mango sticky rice. A Thai dessert list is never complete with this ever popular summer extraordinary dessert. Just like India, mangoes are a much-loved summer fruit in Thailand. Sticky rice is topped with either mung beans or toasted sesame seeds and served along with mangoes after finally being glazed with coconut milk. This dessert is incredibly popular and it should be considering how refreshing and satisfying this dish is.

Mango with Coconut-glazed rice is the next big thing now. Thai Delights

And that’s not all! Thailand has tonnes of desserts for you to discover and fall for.

Did this list get your mouth watering? If yes, you should check out their recipes. They are pretty interesting and easy to make. Use the best of your leftover stock of mangoes and try making the mango sticky rice. Do share your experience!


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