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The great library of Rajasthan

Reading is said to be the most magnificent and passionate hobby. It becomes almost indispensable for the book lovers to stop reading. The more one reads, the more intense his/her desire to read becomes. Reading elevates ones mental horizon. By reading, one gets a chance to adapt a different perspective. The entire view of a person changes completely after getting deeply into books. It is a very well-known saying :

“A house that has a library in it has a soul.”

A library is considered to be the “best” place for readers, writers and book lovers.  A person can find the lost part of his/her soul into a library. The readers often struggle to find a good library with a huge collection of books.

But now the readers don’t need to stop reading at all. We have a good news for the book lovers. Now they can enjoy their habit of reading to a more heightened level.


The great library of Rajasthan

As we all know, that library is a kind of temple for a reader and only a reader knows its value. So, today we will tell you about India’s great underground library. Yes, you have heard it right. There is a huge underground library in India which is situated at a 16-feet deep level under the ground. It is considered to be one of Asia’s biggest libraries. It is located in a small village, Bhadariya at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

This library was founded by Sant Harivansh Singh Nirmal, the owner and head of a trust named Jagdamba Seva Committee. It was made from the funds for a temple of a goddess. Knowledge is said to be the biggest goddess. So, the funds for building a temple were put to their best use by building the temple of knowledge, i.e., a library.

About the library

The great library of RajasthanThis library is containing a huge stock of over 9 lakh books, kept in a highly neat manner. Around 6-7 lakh rupees is spent every year on the maintenance of this library.

The holding capacity of the library is around 40000 people. Rajasthan is a place having hot temperature level, but the temperature of this library is cool and comforting. Moreover, this library provides the readers a completely tranquil environment. The walls of this library are very light-shaded and beautiful. The interior of this library is very beautifully designed.

The collection of books of this library is brilliant. This library contains a lot of books related to mythology, astronomy, astrology, and history. It is also having a huge collection of epics and scriptures. Moreover, it also contains a wide variety of dictionaries and different Atlases. This library is most famous for its books in Hindi and Sanskrit.

At present, one can come to this library to read and borrow the books. But very soon, the library is going to introduce the book purchasing system, under which people will be allowed to purchase the  of their choice.


As it is often said :

“Library is a hospital for the mind.”

So, this library must be visited by all book lovers and scholars as it is a great opportunity for them to increase their knowledge as well as to dive in the vast ocean of books. This library is undoubtedly a great boon for every reader.


Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar
Sheena Dawar is an introvert who believes words are melodies that stir the soul and colors that paint the canvas of possibility. She embodies the spirit of a poet, breathing life into each syllable and crafting stories that dance in the hearts of those who dare to dream. Sheena has completed her MBA from The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women and degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from the University of Delhi. With more than 6 years of experience, she excels in creating engaging content across various platforms, specializing in SEO writing, copywriting and digital marketing. As a brand manager at 9.9 Group, Sheena orchestrates innovative strategies that resonate with audiences and elevate brand presence. Her journey includes stints as a content head and instructional designer, where she curated engaging educational courses for leading ed-tech platforms. Fuelled by a passion for creativity and entrepreneurship, Sheena spearheads her own website, where she curates compelling narratives and mentors a team of writers in crafting SEO-friendly content. Beyond her professional pursuits, she's a fervent advocate for veganism and is embarking on her vegan venture, driven by a commitment to animal welfare, sustainability and ethical living.



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