Why Should You Travel Solo At least Once In a Lifetime

Travelling, in any form, is a soul tonic. It can cure anything that ails you physically and emotionally. Travelling is not just an experience, it is a retreat from our materialistic lives, an indulgence. More often than not, people misunderstand the definition of travel. They associate it with going on a business trip, the hassle of catching and changing flights or trains, packing and exhaustion. However, they fail to see at the mental benefits that accompany it. Especially when you travel solo.

Solo travel is the most liberating, the most luxurious thing your soul can ever experience. And it is so because when you travel solo, you are only travelling for yourself. You don’t need to stand by rules made by others, you only listen to your heart. And when you let your heart be the guide, you are allowing yourself to experience a pleasure that is completely your own.

Solo travel is not just something YouTube vloggers do to make their channel look good. Anybody can do it. And this is exactly why you should travel solo at least once in a lifetime:

You build confidence

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Getting out there without having anyone else to rely on requires courage. Travelling solo means that you need to talk to people and take initiative. As you do that, your confidence builds up. You start trusting your judgement, and become more open and willing to take initiative. Once you are out of your comfort zone, there is no looking back. This builds a self-confidence in you that nothing else can.

You learn how to make quick and better decisions

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Solo travel may put you in situations you had never dreamed of getting into. In such situations, you are forced to take decisions on a whim. You don’t have anyone else to seek help from, you only have yourself to rely on. Being in such situations teaches you how to take decisions for your own self. You better understand what is good for you and what is bad. This doesn’t just teach you how to make quick decisions, but also better decisions for yourself.

You make new friends


When you travel in a group, your interaction is limited to this group of people. Locals also hesitate to approach you if they want to, because they don’t want to intrude. However, solo travel kind of forces you to have to seek other people out. You talk to new people, and even make new acquaintances. People voluntarily approach solo travelers, wanting to talk to this “interesting” individual. Travelling solo makes it easier for you to make some new friends among these strangers.

You get to know yourself

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Travelling solo means that everything you do in this trip is for yourself. As you proceed with your trip, you discover things about yourself that you never knew. You come across new things, some of which you like and others you don’t. Getting out of your comfort zone makes you get you better in touch with yourself. Often times we think that we know ourselves, but we don’t. Solo travel is a great way to be better acquainted with ourselves, our interests and our dislikes, our limitations and our strengths.

You run at your own schedule


This is one of the best things about travelling solo. You aren’t held back or lagging behind because of other people. Traveling solo gives you the freedom of going wherever you want to, and at your own time. You can plan things according to yourself, do what you want and not have to compromise. It also gives you the freedom to change plans on whim. When you are with people, you have to stick to one plan. Even if you want to do something different you have to seek the approval of the people you’re with. But solo travelling eliminates the need to do that. You are a free bird!

You are completely in the moment

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Every experience is enhanced tenfold when you are alone to enjoy it. One can get completely absorbed in the moment without any distractions from other people. You can fully enjoy every experience, be in the moment, because you are alone with that moment and yourself. It is one of the best feelings in the world when you allow yourself to get lost in the moment, without having to worry about anyone else. Solo travel gives you the luxury to indulge in this feeling.

You can do offbeat things

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With a group, your trip becomes a touristy one that many people may have experienced before you. However, going solo allows you to deviate from the cliche path. You can interact with locals and go to places that are off the tourist brochures. Also, you can discover new things to do in those places that are completely offbeat. Solo travelling gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want and go anywhere you want. If you use this freedom to your advantage, you can do many offbeat things that no one else may be able to boast of having done before.

You make amazing memories

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Memories made on a solo trip are exclusively and completely personal to you. This makes them even more special. Like I said before, every experience is enhanced tenfold when you are travelling solo. Every memory becomes more special because it is untainted by compromise and others’ unpleasant experiences- a disadvantage of travelling in a group. When you travel in a group, you make memories that you share with others. This is a great thing. But travelling solo gives you memories only you can appreciate, which makes them even more special because you don’t have to share.

You become independent

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All in all, when you travel alone, you become immensely independent. If you have watched the movie “Queen”, you will better understand what I mean. When you have to trust your own instincts and take decisions for yourself, you are showing independence. And when you find something to do that is out of your comfort zone, and like doing it, you show independence. You are your own master, and you are your own rock of support. What else is a better form of independence?

Travelling is not just an experience, it is a retreat from our materialistic lives, an indulgence. And one can only ever understand the freedom that accompanies it by indulging in it. So pack your bag-pack, put on your shoes, and set out on the exhilarating road to self-discovery!

Shubhi Srivastava
Shubhi Srivastava
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