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Top 5 Hangover Cures You Have Never Heard OF


Want to enjoy a party with an entire bottle down; but with no hangover?? Want to get rid off those heady drinks and puffy eye stops?? Don’t worry, the wait is over now. We present you the top 5 unusual cures for your morning-after blues:

1. Caffeine:

Whether you’ve a hangover or not, caffeine is the best treatment to get off from your heady drinks and make you feel alert at work. A cup of strong coffee and a trip to starbucks will help you to get out of this problem.

Top 5 Hangover Cures You Have Never Heard OF

2. Hair Of The Dog:

No NO NO! This doesn’t mean that you have to grab a hair of the dog. This simply is a vernacular expression that refers to alcohol consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of hangover. In this remedy all you need is some fresh ginger juice, mixed with fresh orange juice, maple syrup and some drops of lime juice with a pinch of paprika. Shake well and have it!


3. Go Cheesy:

Love pizza? Go for it after your throbbing cranium. According to experts, add lots and lots of parmesan with mozzarella cheese to your pizza and have it with a garlic bread loaded with cheese. A very delicious way to get rid of your hangovers.

Hangover cures

4. Water:

If water is good in maintaining our metabolism, then why not to get out off those mean headaches? Drinking some H2O before heading to bed will definitely prevent you from those painful hangovers.

Hangover cures
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5. Make Some Love:

Yes, you read that right. If nothing works, have sex. According to the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, our body contains cytokines which gets build-up after a session of drinking. These little cytokine proteins give us puffy headaches; and then when we intimate, our bodies produce oxytocin resulting in blockage of cytokine, which results in curing of those hangovers. Isn’t it interesting?

Hangover cures

So, this new year you’ll be on your way to feeling like a person again after those dreaded hangovers. Be ready!


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