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10 Things to do after a Trip Common Travel Mishaps

Many a time trips don’t happen as planned and people end up facing a lot of travelling mishaps. People should panic when mishaps happen rather they should be well prepared to face any mishap or act smartly after the occurrence of a mishap. Here are 10 things people basically face during their trips and the way they should avoid or react to the situation.

  1. Pickpockets and Robberies.

We all trust people, it’s natural but the people whom we trust while travelling may be the person who would steal our wallet. So it is advisable not to keep all your money in the wallet and consider keeping your wallet in inaccessible places such as zippered or hidden pockets. It is advisable not to become over friendly in vulnerable situations such as buses or crowded places as you don’t want to end your vacation in someone else’s pocket.

  1. Jet lag is ruining your holiday.

Jet lag may be very irritating. So it is advisable to take a few steps like getting plenty of rest before your trip, gradually adjust your schedule before you leave, stay hydrated to reduce the effect of jet lag.

  1. You miss your flight.

Well this can be really frustrating but don’t panic if you ever miss a flight. Keep calm and just go the inquiry can check out about the next flight to your destination place. Well bookings may not be available but you will definitely find a solution in the enquiry department present in the airport.

  1. You lose your luggage.

Losing your luggage can really be very devastating and it can ruin all the fun of the trip. It can be avoided by using modern luggage tags and even install microchips in your luggage which can be helpful in tracking it. Finally take photos of your luggage so the baggage claim can easily recognise your luggage.

  1. You lose your passport.

Losing your passport can be really troublesome especially in other countries. So it is advisable to keep the passport in safest possible place or else it is advisable to have several forms of them kept at different places. Having a copy of your passport will make the reissuing process much faster.

  1. Your hotel is a disappointment.

Sometimes the hotel doesn’t turns out to be the way we expect. So it is necessary to book a hotel after having a proper review about it. One just needs to read the reviews of previously visited customers from different community forums as it can be really helpful. Sometimes it is necessary to find near and dear ones at a particular city as they can provide temporary accommodation if the hotel turns out to be really poor.

  1. Your luggage is too heavy on the way back.

It’s important to have a proper knowledge about the available space in your bags because too much shopping can really put you in difficulty. Your luggage can become too heavy to carry while returning which can cause a lot of trouble for you. So controlled shopping is highly suggested in a trip. One just should not get carried way.

  1. Dehydration, Intoxication and Illness.

Dehydration, intoxication and illness can completely ruin your trip. So therefore it is advisable to take a balanced and proper diet during the trip. People must avoid unhealthy food stuffs from different stalls as it can lead to food poisoning. One must check the calorific value before consuming food stuff.

  1. The Weather.

Weather is highly unpredictable. It is advisable to check the weather of a place before leaving for the trip. Travelling during winter can cause a lot of problem especially in European and North American countries where the airports get shut due to tornado and snowfall. Flights get delayed and most of the time they get cancelled. So it is essential to visit a place by having a proper knowledge of weather conditions prevailing there.

  1. Lose yourself but don’t get Lost.

Getting lost in an unknown place can be really troublesome and annoying. So it is advisable to carry maps with you or the GPS can be useful if you have a Smartphone. Taxis can seemingly always help you find your destination if you find one. Vacations are about exploring, but blindly heading out into unfamiliar areas can take you on a journey you might end up regretting.

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