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15 Things Nobody Can Teach You Except You.

Life is a beautiful journey which is full of memories and inspiration. Your life is yours.All your near and dear ones can help   you to be  better day by day. It’s you who have to walk and do great in your life.You have to achieve your goals you have to accomplish your dreams all by yourself. In this life given by God you have to be strong ,strong enough to tolerate every storm every challenge that comes in your way.Finally you conquer all your dreams and ambitions.

1.How to move on in life

Life is not meant to be at one place.You have to keep moving on without looking back.Yes you can do one thing learn from your mistakes improve and move on.You should take a lesson from your past mistakes and move on.Just think that Will it matter after 5 years.In life nobody actually wants to know what you did.Everybody sees your present.Today who you are as a person.

2.How to stop dwelling in past

Dwelling in past is a very risky thing to do.You don’t need to see how your past was.It will do nothing better to you except leave you in tension and in worries.You can’t change the past.Whatever you did can’t be undone.Whatever you said can’t be taken back by you.In keeping yourself occupied with past you won’t be able to concentrate ,focus on your present and will eventually destroy your future which you can make presently.Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to come .You have only present to make it worth.

3.What is right for you

You should know what is good for you.What is right for you.What is right might be bad for others and vice versa .You know yourself better than others.You know what is best for you.You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anybody.Your weakness can be a great strength for you at times.Others can guide you,suggest you ultimately you have to decide what is good for you.What will make you and what will break you.

4.How to balance your life

You have to keep a right balance in your life.You can’t leave one thing at the expense of other things.You can’t niether leave your family nor e with personal lifeyour friends.Both are indispensable in your life.If family is a family then friends are a family away from family.Its you who have to keep the right balance.Spend time with your family as well as friends.If you are working in an office then you should try not to mix your personal life with professional life and your professional life.Keep your professional life separate from your personal life and vice versa.As mixing both the life you will end up losing both of it.. professional as well as personal.Learn to be professional in office or when doing office work and be personal in your personal matters.

5.How to maintain friendships

Having a number of friends is not a miracle instead having true friends is a miracle.It takes years to build up a friendship which will last a lifetime.Friendship is not given but its build up.Friendship is a two way process.Friendship does not mean to be very much there in sunny days.It requires to be with your friends in every situation whether good or bad.

To maintain a friendship you must understand each other,you must trust each other,you must be connected,you must be open to each other.Friendship is not a one way thing.You can’t force anyone to be friends with you.You can’t force anyone to talk to you.If your friends want to be your friends they will no matter what.A friendship is made with trust as a base it is nurtured by being there for each other and is finally made by efforts efforts to stay connected to meeting once in a while.Most importantly to be supportive.You may fight with each other.You may irritate each other.You may get annoyed yet a real friend knows that it wont effect the bond of friendship.

8.What to do when life doesn’t go as per your plans

When life does not goes as you have planned it to be.You should change your way not your ultimate goal.Stick to your goal your aim.Don’t change your goals instead find new ideas to find the way to your goal.Whatever you do do it patiently do it diligently.Restart with a new way.Make a timetable.Have a To do list.Remember if you have been put into a situation you will be able to come out from it may be slowly but at the end you will.

9.How to deal with stress and depression

In your life you will come to a point where you will be seeing yourself so stressful.Whatever might be the reason.Its only you who can say goodbye to your stress by being strong in life.You should be matured but not to be so matured that you stop enjoying small things in life.Enjoying small things in life will lead you to bigger things.You can get away with it by doing what you love what you are fond of .Reading books ,spending time with family,listening music,going for a run.It will help you to come out from your stress.

10.How to do good in life

You can do well in life only if you want to.For this you have to be determined to do better.You have to be strong very strong ,firm in your decisions, love your work , work hard,blend experiences and technology in a beautiful way.Learn from others.Speak less Listen more.Help everyone.Say thank you and sorry more often.Be good to people.

11.How to stay fit

Be fit once you are determined to be fit you will be.Don’t be fit for others but for yourself.Fitness does not mean to be physically fit but it also means to have a beautiful mind.If you are mentally fit it will reflect outside.Wellness means to have a healthy body which will make your mind healthy and at the end you will have a healthy soul.Staying fit will encourage and motivate you to do more.

12.Have believe in yourself

The people around you will try to break you will rate you will try to weaken you in every way psychologically emotionally financially.They will do all kind of things to discourage you de motivate you.But its you who have to have believe in yourself.I can and I will.Have a positive attitude .It can be that you will not be getting success but you have to believe in yourself and never give up on yourself.People around you might leave you even if they do take it as a challenge and move on with having faith in yourself.In the end you will be victorious in achieving your goals.If you want to do something go ahead and do it.

13.How to stop pleasing everyone

You can’t impress everyone in your life.No matter how good you do to them they will still not appreciate and praise you.Remember you are here for a reason.God has given you life not to impress others but to inspire.In trying to please everyone you will lose yourself.If people are hating you for no reason just let them do.You give attention to the people who love you for no reason admire you appreciate you care for you.Love people but not overdo it.


14.How to be a good human being in life.

Nobody can tell you how to be a good human being.Everyone can help you .You can read books on self help how to lead a happy life etc.These books can only help you to understand but not completely help you.As in life everyone has a different route different direction to live their life.Every person has his own struggles of life.You can be a good human being when you start to have empathy for others than sympathy.You can improve yourself with each new morning with every sunrise you can and you will.Everyday is a new experience for you to learn and grow.

15.Never to stop trying

You should never stop trying .Try everyday.Life stops once you stop trying.Trying keeps you alive.Putting efforts will help you to achieve whatever you want.The more you try the more you will learn the more you learn the more you will grow and progress in every way in every field.Its better to try than to regret later.


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