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Travelling Hacks

Traveling is a great learning experience. Exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting new food – these all enrich our mind and soul to a new level. However, traveling can sometimes land us up in great trouble if we are not careful enough. Be it local or international, proper planning and research before starting is a must. Here are a few things to keep in mind and carry along in all tours, especially international:

Family hiking with baby boy travelling in backpack
Family hiking with baby boy travelling in backpack. Hiking adventure with child on autumn family trip in mountains. Vacations journey with infant carried on back, weekend travel in Tenerife, Spain.

1.  Weather:

whether traveling for a few days or months together, it is very important to do research on the weather of the place. Sometimes the place can be colder at a particular time than expected. May be it be winter rains. Packing the right clothes is important.

2. Language:

It is not possible to learn a new language for a tour. However one must learn few basic local words. One cannot expect every local to known English after all.

3. Translating tools:

Even after learning the language sometimes we do not get the accent correct. As a result cannot make the other person understand. It is very important to install a translator app in our mobile for a quick help. In China particularly, there are various forms of Chinese language and the locals only understand their own form. In such situations, it is very difficult to even roam around the city. In that case, the best way out is to take a pen and paper and draw the necessity. It is a very common practice there.

3. Calculators:

Let however good one be in mathematics, shopkeepers world-wide ace in confusing overseas customers. It is always advisable to keep s calculator handy to make different currency based transactions easy and have an idea of expenditure in terms of your currency value.

4. Universal Travel Adapters:

Camera and mobile chargers are a must. However one must keep in mind that pin-plugs have differed country-wise. In some countries, it is flat in some round. In some, they have 2-pin while in other 3-pin. So it’s very important that you carry an adapter accordingly.

5. Passport-bag:

It is advisable that you keep your passport close to your skin. Never keep it in your handbag or luggage. Your passport is the most valuable thing on international tour. Buy a passport bag that you can attach to your waist or hang from your neck so that it touches your skin and you can keep track of it even unconsciously.

6. Embassy details:

In spite of all safety precautions, in case your passport gets lost, the first thing you need to do is contact the embassy of your country in that foreign country. So always keep the embassy’s address and phone number with you, to make the problem a little less difficult.

7. Photocopies of identity proofs:

Always carry at least 3 photocopies of your identity proof and pictures. Many hotels ask for them during check-in. Also if in case you lose your passport, those are the first things you will need.

8. Currency Card:

Never carry all your money in cash. All countries have scams and crimes. Tourists are easy targets. Stealing, misplacement are common. So never keep all your money together. Also never carry all your money in cash. Almost all shops accept the card. If not lots of ATM are there. Also even if you lose your currency card you can call your banker or lock your card online. Thus keeping your money safe. In case you fall short of money you can re-fill your card online or through your banker. It is the safest way for the transaction.

9. Always eye your luggage:

Never ever leave your luggage unattended. Women often leave bags at the back of their chairs in a restaurant. It is a strict no. Criminals coming in-group will distract you and easily run away with your bag right under your nose. It is a very common practice in Europe. They have their car parked outside. As soon as they get your bag they drive away. No policemen can ever help a tourist with that. In Thailand, thieves even steel bottles of water. Never ask a stranger to click your picture. Thieves will ask you to pose several ways and increase the distance from you and finally run away with your camera. So never leave any of your belongings unattended.

10. Have knowledge of the local scams:

Every country has its own ways of scamming tourists. In France, hypnotism is very common, while in Bangkok ‘TukTuk’ scams are extremely common. Before you start, always check out the various scams prevailing at the destination country on YouTube. Prevention is always better than cure.

Every country has its own rich culture and a lot to offer. Just keep in mind the above things to make your holidays smooth and more enjoyable.



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