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Rules of Introverts

#RULE 1-

We are very shy so don’t think that we are egoistic if we are not making the first move. We also want to talk to you and want to break the barriers but lack of guts always pull us back.

#RULE 2-

Whenever we see you in public, we just pick our phones and start tapping it uselessly to pretend that we have not seen you. That’s why every gathering or get together is incomplete without our phones.

#RULE 3-

Our friend circle is very limited and we don’t like to make friends just like that. We make the true friends only with whom we can share each and everything.

#RULE 4-

We won’t ask our things back after giving you because we really feel very hesitating for asking our own things. So, that’s why we lose our pens most of the time. Many introverts can relate with this rule.

#RULE 5-

We won’t ask for any favor so easily. We will take a lot of time to collect enough guts to ask you for a favor and we always remember it and are always grateful.

#RULE 6-

We just hate public gatherings. If a single friend is there along with us, then we can survive the public gatherings, otherwise we need our phone only. If nothing is there then we might go crazy too.

#RULE 7-

We won’t dance in any public gathering until and unless we are completely forced and are thrown to the dance floor itself. Then also we just shake ourselves a little and come back to our seat with a satisfying long breath.

#RULE 8-

We face a lot of difficulty in proposing our love too. That’s why some of the times we are not able to open our mouths and our love is taken away.

#RULE 9-

If the party is of only the close friends then only we can enjoy our best so don’t invite others too for the party.

#RULE 10-

We are day dreamers. Sometimes we just lose ourselves in the moment and just reach into the world of imagination. We love to make up the stories which never happened and live with that happiness only.

#RULE 11-

We can never step out from the home without the headphones. For us our headphones are like our life savers which protect us from the blah blah of this world.

#RULE 12-

If a teacher asks us to present the topic in front of the class then suddenly our throats are choked, heart starts to beat at its maximum speed, our blood pressure lowers and we feel that why the tsunami is not coming and why this world doesn’t end. No, it’s not dramatic. Ask it from any introvert, he can surely feel the pain.

#RULE 13-

Sometimes to avoid the conversation we just see the messages in the notification bar itself and open the chat after 1 hour to reply back when they are not online anymore. We love to chat but in chunks only. Sometimes if we don’t want to chat with the particular person then we just remove our last seen and don’t open the chat for many hours, sometimes even days too just to avoid him. Is that rude? No, right?

#RULE 14-

When something is really irritating and we are just not able to concentrate then also we are not able to make that person aware about it because they are just chilled out and don’t even care.

#RULE 15-

We like the people but the empty room with a sound system fascinates us more.

#RULE 16-

We don’t prefer to get late for the class because it becomes awkward for us as we think that the whole class’s attention will be on us only. Sometimes, when the teacher close the door from inside then it is very common that we are never going to knock the door.

#RULE 17-

We can’t ask the doubts in the class only. We wait for the class to end so that we can ask the faculty personally.

#RULE 18-

We love our friends and family a lot but are not able to express our love towards them. If we don’t express it then don’t think that we don’t care. We do care but we are very bad at expressing it.

#RULE 19-

Sometimes we just like to cut ourselves from this world and want to live just alone. We are alone but not necessarily lonely because there are always many thoughts running in our mind uselessly. So, please don’t mind our behavior.



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