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Six different types of engagement ring styles you need to know before shopping

Are you planning to buy a new gold ring for your engagement? Buying a ring for your girl is fun, but you should also have the knowledge about the diamond shape and cut as well as metal characteristics. One should always remember that an engagement ring needs great expenses. In order to buy the perfect ring for your partner, you should have a high budget. You must make sure to know the exact measurements of your partner. Many couples shop their engagement rings together, but if you are planning to surprise your partner then make sure to pay good attention to their style for when you surprise her with that piece of jewellery, there is no doubt it will be the best day of her life . You can also ask their siblings, and best friends to assist you in your shopping so you can choose the best of best for her.

If she loves stones, then tell the jeweller to place the diamond in the right setting in the ring. Make sure to find the best ladies diamond ring which fits your budget. Take help from your relatives to find the best and renowned jewellery shops or do your research online. Take notes about their choices whether they prefer simple, vintage or modern accessories. Here is the list of top stylish rings you can buy for your partner:

1. The three-stone ring

This is one among the highly favored and most popular rings which every partner opts for. This ring contains a larger stone in the center with two smaller stones set on the sides of the ring. You can get a desirable cut on your stone. Some customers prefer unusual cut like emerald shape or round cut. You can also tell the jeweller to find coloured stones to sit on the sides of the central ring.

2. The halo ring

This piece is one of the toughest rings to create. This ring looks simple, but it takes so much time to give us the final result. The central stone is surrounded by smaller stones which look like a halo. Each small stone has to be put in its accurate setting to give the desired look.

3. The pavé ring

Tiny stones are set together to make it look like nothing is holding it together. A larger stone is placed in the center and surrounded by small gemstones. If you want to give it an elegant look when you tell the jeweller to create a solitaire ring made with pave detail.

4. The double halo ring

The double halo ring is similar to the halo ring, but it has some additions. This engagement ring contains round cut gemstones which are brilliantly surrounded by tiny gemstones. This ring appears big because it is surrounded by the double halo. The ring can be made in the desired shape like oval, round or square.

5. The bombe ring

This is one of the unique rings which have a dome-like structure with a huge stone placed in the middle. One can embellish it with smaller stones in the desired pattern. It seems like this ring is never going out of fashion again when it was re-popularized in 1950

6. The cluster ring

This engagement ring is one of the luxurious choices. One can get the desired and intricate pattern with the help of tiny stones. This ring is different from the solitaire ring because it doesn’t have a big stone in the center.


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