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Dominos pizza has the widest reach when it comes to serving pizzas throughout the world. And if dominos cannot reach you are probably staying in Mongolia. Well, that’s the only place that dominos does not cover. Dominos marks its presence in 73 countries and has managed to gain many happy customers through the 10, 000 stores that it has set up. Along with their popular pizza’s Domino’s now also offers to its customers chicken wings, tacos, pasta, garlic bread, cheesy bread, potato wedges and a fleet of deserts and drinks.

With just 30 minutes away from your favorite pizza let us take a look at various best-selling pizza variants at the dominos stores so that you can choose the best one for you and enjoy it in just 30 minutes from now.


What is in it?

There’s a pizza made for every mouth and every stomach and if we go by this, taste choices cannot be restricted to the pizzas that are fixed with their crusts and ingredients. Create your own pizza is a wonderful option that lets you choose and tailor make what and how you want your pizza.

How to go about?

Once you go on the website and select the menu page you will come across the create your own pizza options.

  • Crusts you can choose from

cheese rim (M/L), Original mass (M, L, XL), Crispy Thin Crust (L), Pan Pizza (M, L)

The size and the mass are the first things that you choose. You then have to proceed to the cheese and sauce.

  • Types of cheese you can choose from

Mozzarella Cheese: you can either spread it across the whole pizza of just one half of it. There are various quantities which you can have the Mozzarella in. You can also have half pizza with little cheese and the other one with a lot of it.

  • Quantities you can choose from

None, Little bit, normal, extra and double.

  • Sauce: you can have the Tradition Marinara Salsa sauce on your pizza in quantities of the Little bit, normal, and extra.

In the next step, one has to choose between ingredients. There are two options here which choose the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians. The options are: vegetables and others and meats.

  • Know the vegetables offered:

Plums, tomatoes, peppers, tender corn, jalapeno, mushroom, pineapple, onion, oregano, olives and BBQ salsa.

  • Quantities: Little bit, normal, extra, double and triple. On either half or the full portion of the pizza.

TIP: Restrict to the number of toppings that you choose to 4 or less as any more toppings lead to overcrowding and also less proportion of your favorite toppings on the pizza.

  • Know the meats offered:

Ground beef, ham, sausage, salami, pepperoni, bacon, and chicken

  • Quantities: Little bit, normal, extra, double and triple. On either half or the full portion of the pizza.

Once all of this is chosen one can proceed by adding the ingredients to the order and then choosing the time and date of the delivery. Make use of the Dominos promo code to get special discounts on your special pizza. Make use of the Dominos promo code to get special discounts on your special pizza.


What is in it?

The ingredients of the pizza include Onion, Paprika, mushroom, and tomato. The pizza can also be customized as per the needs of the customer interns of the size, vegetables.

The pizza can also be customized according to one’s choice. The pizza is one of those in the traditional category.


What is in it?

Jalapeno, Ham, Bacon, and pineapples.

The pizza comes with cheese that is made with 100 % real mozzarella cheese and also has a provolone that comes on a cheesy Parmesan Asiago crust. This pizza is the one that has earned the number one spot when it comes to being the favorite among the fans from the west. This pizza too is one of the pizzas in the traditional category.

TIP: Use dominos promo code to avail discounts on your favorite pizza.


What is in it?

The ingredients of the pizza include Extra queso, ham, and pineapple. The ingredients also can be added and be customized as per the customers choice.

The Fiery Hawaiian pizza is made with 100 % real mozzarella cheese. The Hispanic market was the target on when the pizza was being created but it soon gained popularity in other regions too. The people at Dominos realized that the Latinos usually ordered pizza with ham or pineapple pies and they added a lot of jalapeno peppers. So, the team modified it with some hot sauce and red peppers and gave it a spicy flavor. This has made the pizza really famous and highly preferred.


What’s in it?

The pizza contains a huge variety of ingredients like onion, paprika, pepperoni, ham, mushroom, olives, ground beef, chorizo, and extra queso. Like most other pizzas this pizza also can be customized with the toppings, crusts, and ingredients of the customers choice.

True to the name, the extravaganza pizza comes with a lot of ingredients. Each bite gives a wholesome and cheesy taste to the food lovers. No wonder that this pizza is a part of the feast pizzas. A large or an extra-large sized extravaganza pizza is sure to satiate many stomachs and make many hearts happy.


What is in it?

The pizza contains Double pepperoni and extra queso. The pizza can be customized as per the choice of the customer.

It is one of the feasting pizzas. It has two levels of pepperoni which are especially sandwiched between the special mozzarella cheese. To make the pizza more cheesy it comes with parmesan cheese. Not just this it also has Asiago and Provolone cheese. Upon this cheesy heaven, the pizza has oregano spread across it. The pizza is “the” pizza which is made for the pepperoni fans out in the town and who doesn’t like pepperoni. This is undoubtedly the pizza that pepperoni lovers should go for.

TIP: What do pepperoni Pizza lovers love apart from Pepperoni pizza? Undoubtedly, discounts. Find on the website the coupons section to grab discounts and offers using the dominos promo code.

Apart from these, the customers can choose from the wide variety of the pizzas as per their personal liking. Not just pizza’s but dominos also offers a great variety of side orders and add-ons like sandwiches. The customers can choose between sandwiches like Italian Sausage and peppers sandwich, the buffalo chicken sandwich, Mediterranean veggie sandwich, pilly cheese steak sandwich, chicken parm sandwich and many more.


A delicious range of pasta that include chicken alfredo pasta, Italian sausage marinara pasta, pasta primavera, chicken carbonara pasta, and a customizable pasta of the customers own choice.

Pair your pizza with side orders of breaks like stuffed cheesy bread, stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta, stuffed cheesy bread with bacon and jalapeno, parmesan bread bites and breadsticks.

For the sweet-toothed and dessert, lovers get the Cinna stix or the chocolate lava crunch cake.

With this wide range of options for the food lovers, Domino’s is surely a heavenly treat. And to make this heavenly treat more heavenly use dominos promo codes that will provide you with discounts.

Bon Appetite!


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