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A Memorable Journey Through Bangalore’s Hidden Gems and Bustling Streets

Bengaluru, the land of opportunities, good weather and  start up companies. It is a place which will speak to you in volumes. A place where the traffic will bother you a bit but at the same time, that is what you’ll miss when you leave. The hustle and bustle will fill you with adrenaline and a sense of the life moving about you. There are many great places here but here are some which are a must visit if you ever visit Bengaluru:-

A Memorable Journey Through Bangalore's Hidden Gems and Bustling Streets

Bangalore palace

The palace is a splendid example of beautiful architecture and the lavish lifestyle of one of the greatest dynasties of South India. It was built in the year 1878. It is spread across 45000 square feet of area which will take you about a day to cover completely. It is said that the insides of the palace is inspired from the Windsor castle at London. There are many splendidly decorated halls with a touch of colorful tiles and furniture and wooden flooring is some places.  The chandeliers just add to the elegance of the castle. There are audio guides which are provided to the tourists which helps them explore the magnificent palace that is filled with many exquisite artifacts.

A Memorable Journey Through Bangalore's Hidden Gems and Bustling Streets

Cubbon park

This park is the best place for anybody with a keen interest for nature, peace and greenery. It is spread across 300 acres of land. It is great for taking long walks or meditate or just sit around and admire the peace and tranquility. It was originally of about 100 acers but then later extended to 300 acres. It was initially called as Meade’s park but later called cubbon park after Lord Cubbon who laid the foundation of this place. It was built in the year 1870 by Sir John Meade (acting commissioner of Mysore). The park also features a concert stage and the Bangalore aquarium is also situated here, which is the 2nd largest aquarium in India. It is currently under the supervision of the horticulture department. There is also a toy train present there named putani express which is a great way for the visitors to explore the park further.

A Memorable Journey Through Bangalore's Hidden Gems and Bustling Streets

Bannerghatta national park

This wonderful park is situated at about  23 kilometers from the city center. It is spread across many acres of land. There are jungle safaris available here and there is also a zoo. The jungle safaris are a must as they will fill your soul with adventure and when you go back there will be amazing stories to tell. The tourists are taken in a bus into the jungle where they can spot tigers, lions, bears, elephants and deer and crocodiles among many others. All of these animals are separated by different barriers from each others. The bus will move through each and every part of the jungle, giving you the chance to look at each of these majestic creatures closer than ever before. It is also the home to the first butterfly museum in India. The various flora and fauna in this place just add to the beauty and tranquility there. The average temperature of this place varies from 15 to 35 degree Celsius and an annual rainfall of 700mm.

A Memorable Journey Through Bangalore's Hidden Gems and Bustling Streets

HAL aerospace museum

If you have an interest in planes and how they work then this is THE place for you to be. It is situated in the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited premises it showcases about 3 decades of planes, fighter jets and helicopters. Battle tested aircrafts are put here for display and it is a major tourist attraction because of this very reason. It was inaugurated in 2001 and has been an epitome of fantastic display of many different commercial and fighter aircrafts. He enchantment of this place stays days after you have left. There is a souvenir shop in the compound from where you can purchase model aircrafts and various other gifts. Some planes are taken apart and then kept piece by piece for the tourists to see. Be it the afterburner or the engines or the propellers, it is sure to indulge you in ways you would not believe.

After reading this, do you or do you not wanna visit this place? If yes, have a safe trip!

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