Top 10 eateries in Kolkata for college goers


If you are in Bengal then by chance or by nature, you are bound to be a foodie. The lip-smacking street joints and heritage restaurants make sure that you keep visiting them time and again.  College days are the first days of freedom. It is the ideal time for college goer to spread their wings and explore new places and joints with their friends. Here are a few must try-outs, if you are in Kolkata without making a hole in your pocket :

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1. Olypub :

Park Street has its own charm and Olypub is definitely one of the major reasons for that. Their Chicken Ala-kiev and Beef( or chicken ) Steaks are a pure must haves. Also the place serves moderately cheap alcohol. The nostalgic ambience and great food and booze makes it top my list.

2. Peter Cat :

Park Street visit can never be over without a visit to Peter Cat. Their Chelo Kabab platter and Sizzlers are not only filling but the best in the city. The orange lampshades create the perfect old-world charm. Make sure you have ample time in hand when visiting it, as there is always a que.

3. Raj Spanish Cafe :

Located at the sudder street, new market area Raj spannish cafe is a must go if you want a varieties of crusine like spanish,italian and mexican, under one roof. Its outdoor seating arrangement adds to its attraction. The chicken salad, chocolate souffle and tiramisu are really good.

4. Ecstasea :

If you are an adventurous foodie and like to try out the weirdest varieties of food then Ectasea is your place. This small joint at southern avebue barely has a seat of 12-15, but its worth waiting in que for this. From octopus to squids to praws, they serve it all. This is surely the best place for sea food.

5. Barbeque Nation :

Buffets are great fun. You can eat whole lot of food at a very affordable prize. This place tops the list of best buffet in the town. Their starters are beyond description. From kababs to main course to desserts its a complete package.

6. Bapi da’s momo :

This take away joint at Karunamayee serves great momos and chicken fries and lollipops. The taste can be accessed from the fact that its all sold out with 2 hours of opening.

7. The Darjeeling :

Want a taste of the hills? Then this is the best place for all those thumps and momos and stuff. This small restaurant near the city center is a must-visit for all college-goers.

8. Paramount and Indian coffee house :

Though cafes and pubs have grown a lot these days, still they can never take away the charm of these two heritage places. Every student needs to visit College Street at least once a while and it remains incomplete without a bite of chicken kabiraji from coffee house. The “daab er sharbat’ from Paramount sharbets situated nearby is not only famous and cheap but unique too.

9. Indian Restaurant :

If your love for biriyani is eternal then this restaurant at khidderpore is your place. Cheap and mouth-watering biriyani and other Indian dishes. Their halims are to die for.

10. Mrs Magpie :

Cup cakes are fancy and very much in, these days. Mrs Magpie is the best dessert joint to meet up to your sweet tooth. The pretty decor and unique cupcakes of all design and sizes makes this place worth a visit for all college goers.

Food is always tastier when shared and it becomes even more good when shared with your best buddies. So if you are from Kolkata or not, if you ever drop by this city then do check out these eateries for amazing food at just a minimum penny .


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