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Continuous learning for continuous step up

We all know that it is the very rule of Nature that one who adapts itself to the changes of life, to the evolution, is the one who stays forever and one who does not lag behind and ultimately gets extinct. Human life and growth are no different from this rule of Nature. In life too the person who adapts himself to the changes of environment and situations stays along and emerges out being even stronger. The most important rule of adaptation is learning new ways. So one who continuously learns the different techniques of adapting to changes in life and work grows and stays forever.  This method of which involves constantly updating oneself and learning new skills to meet the needs and changes of personal and professional life is nothing but continuous learning.

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In today’s fast-paced life, mere learning from school textbooks does not pay off. At jobs these days recruiters often ask” where do you see yourself in next years?” this question has a motive behind. It focuses on your desire to picture yourself with new skills at newer and higher positions. Companies no more invest in short-term gains. So in order to add more value to make yourself an inseparable part of your company you need to continuously master new skills. With improving, technologies people are using newer facilities and manners. One must keep himself updated to all new advancements related to his field or else there is no dearth of people waiting to replace them.

A major question in this regard is how to proceed in the process of continuous learning? ‘Self – Assessment and ‘Self-help’ are the two words to be kept in mind and in practice. You need to understand and estimate your weakness and then practically take an initiative and work on it. You just can’t avoid or hide it for being just too shy to ask for help. Even if it is the simplest of things or a very common thing, if you can’t, you have to access it and reach out for help. Regularly updating yourself helps your personal, professional and social life in remarkable ways as follows :

For employees:

If you are an employee it makes you aware of your competition and helps you to prepare yourself for the long run. It helps you to develop newer skills, lead from the top and who won’t value in-house employees with both experience and skill.

For businessmen:

If you are a businessman, continuous learning is a must for new. Exposure to new principles and awareness of the latest technologies not only helps to expand your business and increase profit, but it will also help in talent recognition, setting clearer goals and providing employees with better resources.

 For teachers: 

Teaching is one of the most important sectors where continuous learning is very important. A teacher must be known to all recent discoveries and developments related to his subject. New methods of solving problems and new approaches to daily life issues are the backbones of the profession. Research can never develop if a guide or a teacher does not follow the practice of continuous learning religiously.

For doctors:

A doctor should always engage himself or herself in continuous learning. Every day with the discovery of new pathogens several new diseases come to our notice. To cure that knowledge of recent where-a bouts is very important.

For your own:

Personal life undergoes changes every day. The generation gap between parents and children n have been an old hindrance to their bonding. With continuous learning about the interests of each others’ generation, these differences can be reduced. Also Learning about newer technologies and methodologies makes things convenient in daily life. E.g.knowledge of the latest safety apps and digital money transfers makes life really easy.

For society :

Social life is also enriched with continuous learning. Knowledge of different communities and people help us get mixed with them. Adapting their way of life makes relocation easier. continuous learning is not a phase just to be used at your job. It is to be implemented at all aspects of life. Every day is a new day and every day offers something new to learn. We must be open to it all. Trust me nothing once learned ever goes wasted.


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