The bitter truths

Life is it? This thing really turns my mind into some sort of hell, sometimes, is it really difficult to be a girl? Is it difficult to be a dreamer? Is it really that hard to survive when you are a genuine person? When you face acts as a mirror, keeping it transparent, when you are an emotional being. Seriously sometimes it is a hustle, a messy web of so many things flowing in and out, those deep dark emotions, fears, weird phenomenon, unexplainable incidents , sometimes it becomes very difficult to give words to some things , no matter how hard we try , we just cannot explain. It is like when at times there is an intense need to turn ourselves into an open book, we keep looking for people and then at times when we have everyone turn up in our favors we stay quiet. At times it is overthinking which can kill, and at times it transforms you into a deep , alive , genius sort of being. I often think what makes those sleepless , restless, turn out so positive and deep, why the mornings after those nights comes so refreshing. Why on some days a cup of coffee, a blanket seems so beloved. And then that urge to go out meet people , the worldly wisdoms that turns our world into a turbulent ride.


This word is not just a word it is a deep, divine, pure thing , I found everthing hollow, lifeless, rotten, stinking. Spineless beings moving around with a desperate desire of worldly pleasures. A need to be among the crowd, to become like the crowd. The worth of originality has lost Its worth, its meaning. The multiple , every minute changing faces , double faced is an old school now, it can go upto multiple these days. The kind of clever minds that one can found in most foolish of creatures, the perfect condemning shots, their perfect timings, than suddenly their growing desire which can turns frustrating. But this is how it works my friend. This is life, they are not wrong , you are following a wrong path if you are freaking out , only a dead fish go with the if you think you are alive Then turn the directions of flow and if you fail to do so then be the flow, you have not got this life to give up and run away. There is no escape. You have to keep moving but all you need to do is do it in the damn right way.

Desire to be known

The bitter truthsWell, there is a very thin line between turning famous or notorious and most of us fail to understand that, if you genuinely wants to do something in your lives, always remember stop get affecting by people do. You know we heard this like we need people, they are a vital part of our lives, the society, friends yes i agree its true but there can be many factors to this. Look let go and ignore are two difficult terms but once you learn to practice them , your life will learn to run smooth , and yes never let it go completely because you know what you can always take a lesson from all your bad stuff. That lesson will heal your wounds and you will find the light in your wounds. You just need to know how to be the best. Do what makes you happy, turn it into your passion and let it completely get in you.
Dont make your choices depending upon other’s tastes and priorities. If you think you will then definitely you will. It is all about you, for you. If others frustrate You  , learn to turn sellfish. No you dont have to be bad, rude, hypocrite , a big no, as i have write above work on yourself, your grooming an inside-out one. Turn your weakness into your strength, all your hurdles are here to make you shine and rise, believe that, have faith in yoursef and your dreams, this is the best thing that you can do. Those who don’t like you will never like you no matter how good you do, there disliking is due to a reason that something about you , is discomforting to them.
That is your charm, stop finding faults in yourself and a genuine friend in people, you are your biggest critic and greatest support and if you cannot value or cherish your presence than no one else can do that ever. People are not important , but you are, your goals are, first of all learn to differentiate between a priority and a just like that thing. Go out , meet people if that is a necessity and if you come back hurt and low then learn and grow towards success because that is a priority. You have not got this life to feel sad about what people do , but to feel happy and proud about yourself.

Always remember

Those who turn all the useless stones into diamonds , always walks alone , they dont walk in crowd,  they never lure on sweets in the market, they create their own identity, they work hard on themselves and no matter what people say about them , they stay unaffected because it realy doesn’t matters you know why because now they understand that it was, it is and it will be all about them and their dreams and when people are speaking about them , they have to keep their heads high as now they are unreachable shining stars , sparkling the world with their presence…
[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]They have transformed into that lotus now which grow in shallow and murky water and still symbolises purity, beauty, majesty, serenity, grace, and weath[/beautifulquote]



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