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All over the world for the fans of Game of Thrones – Winter Is Coming! However, for almost every single person, the hot topic that is soon to hit the market is the New Year’s eve. An endless stream of Resolutions is about to open up for the world. People would once again hope for a better future and set individual goals. The Society would once again blab about the younger generations lack of vision and the teenagers would dare to dream big.

Not much changes every year and yet people refuse to lay low. People want success, they need happiness. Being superstitious might never help one, but many believe that it’s fortunes favour all during the coming of the new year. Some wish for a better health, while other wish for financial success. Some talk about breaking the stereotypes while others pray for a promotion instead. The New Year brings with it all the kinds of emotions. People chose their future on this very day more than they ever do. Words like motivation and inspiration are all over the social media. Despite all the fuss about resolutions, there are quite many who succeed in their quest to improve.

What is the secret to break through the barriers of resolutions and how to stop being a victim every new year?

One morning as I was in college, I went to see my senior professor to talk about the college techfest. I was enthusiastic about being able to contribute to the techfest and build something incredibly amazing to compete during the competition. The college hours went by pretty fast. I enjoyed all the new stuff that was taught by the professor and later that day I even got to do a presentation on a topic of my choice. The entire class praised me for the presentation. I had a meeting with the College committee in the evening and we discussed about the many changes we could adapt for the upcoming techfest.

On the way to home, I met my friend Rohit and we had a great talk about our future career options. He told me how he was preparing for the GATE exam and I talked about the many opportunities offered by universities abroad. After I reached home, my mom welcomed me with a smile and the most delicious food ever. She knows that by the time I come home, I am almost all worked out. This is her way of celebrating my day. It was then, during the initial moments of my sleep when I had this deep sense of realization about my life and the way I work. Out of nowhere, I uttered this to myself, “I want my tomorrow to be just as amazing, productive, progressive as my today!”

Success is when your new year resolution reads “I will commit myself to living this year just like the year before.”

The moment I said those words, as if I was struck by a wise thought that I ultimately linked my wish with the New Year Resolution. I cannot explain the level of excitement that grew up on me when I finally realized the key to success and happiness that lies hidden inside the little ritual of new year resolutions. Success is when your new year resolution reads “I will commit myself to living this year just like the year before.”

These words are not mere a wish, but a self-blessing that you shower upon yourself for the work and dedication you projected in the past. Goals are never static, they are dynamic, for every goal is free to change with respect to the level of understanding backing it up. My resolutions were never as innovative as I thought they were meant to be. Reading 50 books in a year, studying 8 hours every day, exercising every morning for one hour, etc. These are mere impressions of what I really want in my life.

Surely I do want to study more than I am studying right now. However, it is not the act of study that matters but the purpose to study. Setting up this goal whereby I compete with myself, strive to be better at everything and spend my days not just passing time but really understanding and learning new things is sure to bring glory for all who aspire to become successful in life. Set your goals in a way that you compete with yourself, a way that elevates the quality of your life. Build your life so that you celebrate your success at the end of every single day and not wait for the next new year to prove you otherwise!

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