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Monsoon Skin care Tips

Monsoon is already there!!..

Vital time for skin care!!!

Boys n girls….here are some tips for you … 

Skincare is a vital part dear!! No matter what! If you want to keep that beauty on your face, better listen to me 😉

Monsoon means rain rain and rain! And probably you think that your skin is the best at this time. Summer gives tans and we all know how pathetic it is! Winter withers our skin and makes us look far older. But darling, monsoon also harms the skin. Maybe you think your skin is all okay but it isn’t. So just listen to my tips and advice 😉


Bathe properly: I am sorry boys but here is the sad truth. You people skip that part and do not so that properly. Monsoon comes with dirt and germs and if you ignore it, you are  going to regret it soon. So always take a hot shower and use antiseptic. You can add it to the water and apply it directly. It will kill the germs and obviously keep you fresh..

Wear clean clothes: please , it is another request for you. I know boys don’t bother and go out without any umbrella. And horribly, they can spend a whole day wearing that! But you people don’t understand how much affected you are going to be. That is why boys fall sick during monsoon more than girls. Hygiene!! Duhhhh>> so wear clean and fresh clothes. Don’t wear same sock day after day!! Dude it smells like shit!!!

***Boys also need to moisturize their skin but maybe that harms their manhood. I will advice you to apply sunscreen and moisturizer. Now it depends on you only whether you are going to follow it or ignore it.***

Girlsss, I know you are going to listen to me 😉


Here are your tips about skincare:

Monsoon Skin care TipsBathe properly: it is the same for everyone. And for girls, it should be taken care of gently. I know about that awkward time of the month. And certainly monsoon is not our lucky time! During that time use hot baths and always keep antiseptic like dettol or savlon in your bathroom. Add it to a bucket full of water and apply it at the end. Use good quality soap because we don’t have the skin of the rhino!!!!

Clothing matters! : wear clean clothes, I would say at first. Clean undies every day and do not repeat. Prefer synthetic material this time because it can not harmed and the colour will be the same as always. Happy news right??….. it will also keep your skin okay and if you are rainsoaked by any chance, take my advice, always keep an extra set of cloth in your bag.

Moisturize your skin: after coming out of shower, moisturize your skin with any hydrating cream. It can me anything but mild. We feel that during this season we are hydrated but nooooooo…..we are wrong! That’s why maximum time our skin feels unhealthy! Monsoon doesn’t add healthy property to our skin. And cream shield also protects us from skin infection.

Clean face twice a day: another important part, cleaning your skin!! Cleanse, wash and scrub your face in the morning. It pulls out the dirt from your skin. And wash your face with before going to bed. Believe me, it does wonders J …you can use any facewash. Scrub should be mild, heavy scrub can harm your skin. Also do know about your skin type and buy the products properly.

Applying sunscreen is a must! : yes yes yes….maybe the sun is low this time but the UV rays are active always. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going out. Otherwise say goodbye to your healthy tone…sad na???? oilfree sunscreen is the best at these times….here are some sunscreens I refer..

You can find lakme and other herbal ones in stores.

Makeup: how can I skip this? We need it babe! More or less. But only one advice, use cream based makeup. Don’t use powdered products because it clogs the pores and this is not good for your skin.

That is all…..these are the basics you need to follow to maintain a good skin condition during this rainy season. If you are following these, ohooo! You are ready to go out and enjoy the season to the fullest …………


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