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7 Proven Tips To Manage Stress As A Student

Stress means the feeling of being tense. This tension, or stress, can come from any event that you dread, want to...

How To Stay Healthy In College

College life is busy and hectic, jam-packed with classes, extracurriculars, and parties. Between all of this, it can become hard to...

Intricacy of choosing Humanities subjects – psychology as the 2nd subject

Being a humanities student in India , students and formers may know the complexities and subject biased feelings​ of choosing the streams before or...
head vs heart

The Mind Secret: How to Manage Thoughts and Think Free

Have you ever spent the entire day doing nothing but wonder about your past or your future? There are days when people especially the...

Boards On Your Head ? No Need to Worry !

So Boards approach us just like fire engulfs mortals in its flames and trust me, this is no exaggeration. We feel like we are...