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A picture speaks a thousand words. In a first growing world where communication is losing it’s essence taken over by social media platforms photographs are the only left source to go down the memory lane. Photographs clicked once become a treasure house of memories for life. Today with telecommunication companies providing more at cheap rates and we living kilo meters away from our loved ones our near and dear ones either for education or for job photographs provide us well with the much needed interactions. Video calls making their way in bringing us together in one frame.Photographs enjoy a complete place reserved for them.

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Photographs are not just photos they are a power house of memories, times spent with family and friends.

Photography isn’t essential for clicking photos but are the primary sources of watching moments cherished memories made in a flashback. Photographs helps us in making us emotionally and intellectually strong. It is by the gifted talent that photographers bring the harsh truths of life that with passage of time everything changes except for the memories ,the photos clicked with pure innocence.


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Though over the years the purpose of clicking photos have considerably changed.Earlier photos were clicked now photos are clicked for posting with fake poses for creating, increasing traffic on social media. Photos too are dragged into the world of competing against each other to the extent that the number of likes on your photos have become the deciding factor of judging others as nice persons. Yet there are persons who are still blessed with the gift of clicking photographs and not as posts on social media.


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Photography is more than just clicking pictures with a professional camera Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. Photography is an art which requires creativity ,patience,perseverance,enthusiasm,taking risks,embracing new challenges  with a lot of hard work to achieve their goal of clicking best shot. It is photography which helps a photographer to showcase his talent. It is a medium through which a photographer shouts out ,raises voice against social issues and vices prevalent in the society. It is the deepest form of art for which a photographer goes through a series of thoughts and ideas. His development of thought and creative ideas bring the best out of him.

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Photography has been enjoying it’s position among people since ages.With the advancement of science and technology at its peak the world is gifted with new photography techniques ,better improved cameras everyday. Photographers through their hard work the proper use of their leisure time have set a benchmark for themselves both professionally and economically. A good photographer has the power to see the beauty around him presenting the image of new world mixed with traditionalism in front of us.

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Photographers have opened new doors for the world to see something beautiful in everything and in everyone. Today photographers have broken their limits from a limited range to a whole new range. Photography with their masters behind have made a positive impact on the society.

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Photographers today have an eye in capturing the natural beauties of the world from every continent to every country they are doing a commendable job in their field together are setting an example in waking up humans from their deep slumbers in conserving and protecting natural environment before it gets too late.

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