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Top 10 best cosmetic brands in India

Festivals and occasions always bring happiness along with the mood of shopping. Every outfit is numb without a perfect touch of makeup...

Tan Removal Foot Scrub- Beauty on a Budget

Here’s the season of beach bodies, mangoes, Glucon-D and getting tanned. We all love to get a soft tan to show off...

7 Best DIY Backdrops for Unique Photography

Photography evolves in terms of quality, brands, backdrops, etc. from time to time. On the other hand, it is a location of...

Important Tips To Maintain Your Beauty This Summer

Summer times can be harsh as the normal works say office and schools are still on the roll but all the heat, humidity can...

What is Beautiful and What Exactly is Beauty?

How do you define beauty? Is it merely something that looks good?  But that would mean that we exclude beautiful things like songs that...

Beauty lies in your soul.

  Beauty is a feature of a person. We often define it as a character of an individual or an admiring feature of an individual that...

The Barbie and the Beast

Greya had many dolls. Her favourite doll was a barbie, called Anna. Anna smelled of strawberries and she was perfect. Waves of golden hair flowed down...