start up culture in India


There was a time when every youngster ambition for life was securing a good job and lead a smooth life. But, young generation’s perspective towards making right career choice has been changed with the changing time. Today’s youth wants to take risks, wants to fail, wants to retry,wants to explore because today’s youth wants to LEARN.

This attitude towards learning has contributed largely to the growing craze of start up culture in India.

The government on its part is also launching several new policies to aid the young entrepreneurs. People are resigning from their high paying jobs just for the sake of start up. They want to be their own bosses. They are coming forward with new and innovative ideas.

Start up culture is for those who want to work unconventional. If you are a 9 to 5 sort of guy, start up is not your cup of tea. You better stick with your conventional job.

Unconventional is not the only word for start ups, it also contains a high risk factor. You may rock the world with your fresh innovation or you may end up losing all of the investments you put in your start up. Even if you are working for a start up company being run by someone other than you, the risk factor doesn’t lose its impact on you. When you work for a start up company you should always be ready to face the ‘hired this moment fired that moment’ situation. Start ups involve risk of failing anytime and their revenues can fall of at the drop of hat. So be prepared before entering into the world of start up.

One certain thing about start ups is that you get to learn a lot from it. You never stop learning here. On the other hand, working in a conventional office does not offer much scope for learning. You need to use the skills you already possess at your regular job.

Pay is another point that counts. Most start up employers do not offer very handsome pay. If you have responsibilities to take care of or any sort of debt that you have to pay immediately then a more stable job should be your option.

Besides all of the above things, there is one more major aspect associated with it. That aspect is brand name. Now think about people’s reaction towards hearing an IBM employee versus a Start up guy.

If you have already slept over considering these issues and still determined to give it a try then you surely belong to start up culture. Go and explore the world of start up, there is no stopping for you. Good luck!

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