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Emergence of positivity

You must be thinking, why I have relate ‘positivity’ to ’emergence’. Emergency word is used when any sudden action is needed. Positivity is your view, which you indulge into your life to make it away from all the odds. In anybody’s life ,”EMERGENT POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR ” can take your life to a different level. It acts like a “sanjeevani booti”, when nothing seems to be right.

Daily Affirmations, Improve Life, Power of Positivity. Young Woman smiling arms raised up, enjoy
Daily Affirmations, Improve Life, Power of Positivity. Young Woman smiling arms raised up, enjoy

We all have good or bad times. We are cheerful, happy & excited; when we are going through the good times. But, when the bad times comes into play , very few of us are able to cope with it. Everything just gets mess up. Sometimes we start to lose our hope totally. Study shows in the past years, patient going under depression has increased in a high number. Adults and even school children are committing suicide .Yes, of course it should not happen. Now, this emergence of positivity comes into play. If you learn how to handle it , it just puts you out from all your sorrows so smoothly.       

Sheela, 21 year old girl. She suffered from a deadly disease AIDS. Yes, she was shocked, when she heard it for first time from the doctor. But she showed the amazing point of view to the society. She used to do all her daily routine work in the same way. She used to study, play, go to college, had fun with friends, go for the movie. She did not let anything change. She did not let her memorize that she had deadly disease. Daily at morning, she is used to say to herself that she is totally fit and fine. She made her realize that she had two options, either to live her life happily or to live her life like hell. She chose the happier one. Yes, she knew that she was going to die but she also knew that one has to die at last . If for her it’s early, then what is so sad in it. She acquired “emergence of positivity” into her, which made the tougher one into easier one . A simple story of this girl makes us to think there is a lot to be happy and to see the positive views of life.

                    If you will start to think and feel all the positive vibrations around you, I am sure you will find many reasons to stay happy. The reason could be your pen, your books, your mobile, it could be anything. It is just a game of your mind, how your mind takes or treats even any non-living object. Can I take your mobile for two days???? Oh gosh!! What I have asked. Hahaha, don’t worry I am not going to do that .

                    A two rupee coin may be is not so valuable for the one who has crore in his account but is diamond for the small child who is waiting for it at the platform from 3 hours. It is just the parameter of importance which you give to different things. If you value for your parents, a girl or a boy, you love them unconditionally expecting nothing from them. You never misuse or disrespect them.

 If you are not able to crack any entrance exam, manipulating excuses and blaming others is not the solution. It is important to believe in yourself. You can and you will. You have to see a positive view of yours. You have to think wiser. You should correct all the faults and start that journey again with new energy. Then see, how this “emergence of positivity” in you adds up all the small ones to make the larger one for your entire life.

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