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Must visit places in India

Festive season is on its peak and winters are also around the corner. I am pretty sure that some of you have already planned their vacation program to enjoy this winter season to its fullest. Whenever we think about planning a vacation, a same set of places comes to our minds. Surely, there are some classic tourist spots that never lose their charm on its visitors no matter how many times they are visited. But some places in India are still under-explored. So, you have more than one reason to visit those sites. Those places are exotic yet untouched and not littered.

vacations are a great way to detoxify your heart, body and soul. This season plan your trip keeping some classic and some new, less explored and offbeat travel destinations. Here we are presenting some fantastic spots both the classic and offbeat ones. Have a look and decide which one appeals most to you.

Auli, Uttarakhand:

If you love skiing, you will surely love Auli. It is gifted with many wonderful skiing slopes. Perfect for a short trip. Explore your adventurous side in Auli.

Lachen, Sikkim:

One word for Lachen- Mesmerizing. You will fall in deep love with this fairyland. It’s a treat to everyone’s eyes. Chopta valley is another place to visit when you are in Lachen.

Kalimpong, West Bengal:

Kalimpong is famous for its vast flower markets containing a huge variety of orchids. Apart from its flower market, kalimpong is home to churches, Tibetan monasteries. It is not visited much by tourists, you can expect it to be in it’s pure form.

The enormous Rann of Kutch:

A three months long festival is held by government of Gujarat which is called Rann Utsav. Winters and summers both are at extreme in kutch. Where winters are extremely cold and summers are painfully hot. The Rann Utsav is organized from mid- December to mid-March. Hence, it is the best time to visit the place.


Andaman is the perfect destination if you are looking for a little escape from the tedious urban life. You will find find peace and relaxation in abundance there. Enjoy the serenity and aquatic life of Andaman.

Shekhawati, Rajasthan:

You will get to see real Rajasthan in Shekhawati. Several old architectures are the main attraction of this historical place. Havelis, palaces and forts are its main attraction.

Majuli, Assam:

Majuli is termed as the ” cultural capital of Assam”.

It is a large fresh water island on Brahmputra river. Go and experience the untouched serenity of Majuli.

Our trips last short but memories remain forever. Hope you have a great vacation.

Ankisha Malik
Ankisha Malik
Ankisha is a literature graduate who's passionate about writing poems and articles in various styles. Her words are like windows to different worlds, inviting you to explore the magic of her stories and verses. Discover the beauty of Ankisha's literary creations and embark on journeys through her vibrant imagination.


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