Resolution for 2017: Be the same, be you.

Because, that's the best you can ever be.


One major trend among the youth nowadays is that they complain too much. It’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Nothing is ever enough. No one is ever satisfied. Let this year be the year when that changes. Let the resolution for 2017 be to be you and to live life to satisfy yourself.

  • Social media

    A very good new year resolution would be to live your life for yourself and not having the compulsive need to update all of your activities in social networking sites. Don’t let the number of likes for the picture of the food you posted, decide how tasty it is. Avoid taking pictures of everything you do. Selfies especially. Let this be the year where you get out of the digital prison and step onto the green fields.

  • Be impulsive

Many people have a really tough time making decisions. Sometimes it is best to go with what comes to the mind first. It’s weird how the best decision can sometimes make no sense at all. Do not live your life in such a way that you build your future, instead do what you like now and the future will be in place. Can’t think of where to go? Call the first person that comes to your mind and take them to whatever place you want. Life is much simpler when you do what you want to. Want a resolution? Let it be the first thing that comes to your mind.

  • Do not regret

    Everything that you did in your past has got you to where you are right now. Nothing could be better. If you feel they could, then they could have been worse too. This is such a unique trait that can be seen among people who are impulsive. They never complain, nor do they drown in nostalgia. Doesn’t it make sense that memories are meant to be re-lived only when you are in no condition to make more memories? New is always better. Also, most importantly, make sure you don’t regret the resolutions you make today.

  • Keep your mind open

    It is nice to have a very small circle of friends, but always hanging out with a specific set of people means that you are just restricting yourself from experiencing life completely. Be open to any new experiences or thrilling adventures. Avoid turning down requests. Do not form a “squad” and be those kind of people who click pictures at wherever they go and post in social media. Just hang out with the people you like and the people who are fun to hang out with, instead of giving value to meaningless words like BFF or BAE.

  • Love people unconditionally

For some people, it is hard to give and not expect anything in return. Especially to people in relationships, it can be hard when things are one sided. Lose your ego and do what you want to. Avoid third person thoughts. Run a mile for a person who wouldn’t cross a road for you, just because you love them. Do what it takes to make them smile. Derive happiness out of their happiness.
Live in a world where you are the king. Add some bots so that you don’t feel like you got the throne by default 😛 .
Thanks for reading.


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