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10 biggest time wasters..#They can screw you Up

Now a days everyone busy. May that be a small kid or a old man, everyone is busy In their way. In such busy life who would like to waste their precious time? Even some people would claim there is not wasted at all, they work per routine etc. but guys I guess you haven’t met the time waster yet. I would love to make the introduction as I am your well wisher baby. Don’t want your precious time to be wasted. If you believe me then please give a look to the following.

1.  Tv

TV channel zapping
10 biggest time wasters..#They can screw you Up

No doubt this is the biggest time waster of all times. Some people watch TV to pass time but the people who gets addicted to it, guys serious warning.. it can waste your time like hell. Obviously. Except the news channels and discovery channels, can you suggest me one channel which is beneficiary? I guess no, because its all about the virtual world. So why to waste time assuming something, which is not present at all?

2. Facebook

This is a tough competitor to TV I must saw. It can waste your time like anything. Have you ever thought about this thing? All it does is connecting people from every corner of the world. But this connection is at the cost of your precious time. Ever faced a situation like, you logged in and you decided to surf for one hour up when you get up, already 4 hours gone? I guess you got my point.

3. Shopping

Shopping- another time waster of all the time. You can guess it from the time taken by women to shop. After roaming for like five hours, all they purchase is 1 dress. This clearly shows what kind of waster this shopping is.

4. Accounting

Even though this can’t be completely blamed but yeah accounting is a waste of time when a bulk is there to be counted. We all are human beings and by human tendency, we are not able to do a work in a regular basis so when we take a bulk for accounting, it’s a pain in the ass and most of things couldn’t be remembered which increases time wastage and headache as well.

5. Reading Books

This might hurt a most of the people’s sentiment but have you ever thought why to read something which is not present in the real world or which is just a piece of imagination? And people who say I love reading, guys seriously stop fooling around. Reading is done to pass time and mark my words, is a complete time wastage.

6. Going On Date

Now the couples are going to kill me. But seriously there is no need of going on date. For a date, you need to get ready for hours and all you do is talk and if included then eat a bit. If you want to talk, then talk while you cuddle or just take your partner and sit on your sofa and have chit chats while enjoying your handmade coffee. Why wasting time and money on your dates? Serious issue, just think once

7. Youtube

I guess this portion is same as facebook rather it could be called as replica of Facebook in the matter of wasting time. All you do is watch videos and as we are impatient human beings, we can’t stick to one video rather we keep on changing 50 videos and hence wasting our valuable time.

8. Calls

Ahh here comes my favorite one. I know human beings love talking but have you ever surveyed how much time we waste in a call. And if the caller is someone closer like best friend, boyfriend, mom or some distance relative then I guess the phone itself would cry for mercy. Per day we waste about 8 hours a day in our calls. Can you imagine how long that is? Now seriously am feeling pity on my phone. Just kidding!!!

9. Computing

Yeah another time waster. Basically we surf for no reasons, just to pass time but mark my words when you use your computer without any specific motive, you get indulge into something which is unnecessary and ultimately you lose your valuable time.

10. Family Party

Seriously on this point, I guess everyone will agree with me. Family parties are not only boring but also complete waste of time unless or until you met a sexy girl or a hot hunk. But people with such expectations, just one warning, baby you are in a family party.. So just same she/he isn’t you first cousin. So rather than wasting time in such parties, it’s better to take a beautiful nap at home.


Ps: All those couples, facebook maniacs , bookworms, etc out there, who seriously want to kill me right now just one thing  I would say, I belong to your category only; wasting time on books, facebook and flirting with guys in family parties. But after all these too, I got some time to think about these things which take away almost the precious thing in your life; time. So thought of sharing. This is just a piece of free advice. Love it? Then thank to FeedyWeedy for giving a reality check. Hate it? Chuck it in your dustbin. Good luck. (y)

Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Priyanka Priyadarshinee
Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Test Automation, API Testing ,Manual testing JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React JS, Microsoft Word, Communication and SolidWorks,. Strong engineering professional graduated from Institute of Technical Education and Research.


  1. You mean to say that spending time is wasting time? What would you do with the time that you saved by not doing all these? 😛

  2. You mean to say that spending time is wasting time? What would you do with the time that you saved by not doing all these? 😛


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