Learning is an endless process


There is no age for learning

Lifelong learning is a continuous process it requires self motivation which comes within .One should be need to feel positive about learning and about their ability to learn. If one can think it in a positive aspect the struggle of learning becomes easy for upcoming challenges.  They will also be able to do well, as well as be well trained. As we say

“Sharpen your axe before you try to cut down a tree
Learning is always a blessing it can never be a curse”

Learning is an endless process

Self learning


This activity is performed for our day to day life for the essence of growth where we can challenge all the challenges. This can also change our life and change the world for a better place. By the mode of learning and by increasing knowledge and wisdom one can change themselves. The more one learns the more one can develop new abilities and can also set great examples to the society like the great authors and great leaders. Learning teaches us do be more diplomatic, it also develops the sincerity towards our responsibility. As well as we can also communicate well in the society.

Education and its importance

Self learningOn a personal ground and professional ground continues learning is all about consistently increasing knowledge, power, wisdom, and skill-sets.

There are two main reasons for learning throughout life: for personal development and for professional development.  These reasons may not necessarily be distinct. As personal development can improve one’s employment and grasp golden opportunities professional development can enable personal growing as well as may be used for wide opportunity of becoming specialize in certain areas like Teacher, Doctor, Engineer as well as to improve their professional knowledge, skills, competence with effectiveness efforts .When the term is used in education contexts without qualification and specific examples.                             

Fear of learning

During childhood children gets over burden because of the school activity and the pressure as the competition of this generation is at the peak. Therefore the children’s gets overwhelmed with their day to day activities. This makes them fearful, confused, gets Irritated, frustration occurs. And lose their motivation and treats themselves as failures of life.

Thinking through learning challenges

Teachers and Parents are the most essential in a person life. They hold our fingers and show us the right path of life similarly they teach us about learning and not to give up. keeping this in mind As our 5 fingers are not same  all has their own abilities and talent one should not humiliated by the society. Rather it should be upraised So learning should always be motivated neither it should be discredited by the society.

If we do not fall then how shall we stand again?

One should not lose their hope and try their best surely something good will come out of it.
In fact one should never be humiliated for their learning as our five fingers are not same each on has their own abilities.

Learning is the Master of all keys

Inspiring line said by Margaret Thatcher.

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you”.

Thank you very much for spending your precious time.


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