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Curriculum Vitae Resume Job Application Concept

I find it quite a hustle for sure. Making a resume is a huge task itself. I have to put all my academic records and professional records in it (professional can be skipped if you are a freshman or have no past experience).

When you apply for a new job, resume is like the identity card. One can easily judge you by going through it. And FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION .

Nobody can deny this. And to catch attention, one needs to make a good resume. Whatever you do, never look down upon it.

Basically there are two kinds of resume. Chronological and functional resume.

Chronological resume is for experienced workers. They provide their past experience in a particular job. Their increments and other information attached to it is provided there. So basically it is not for a freshman.

Functional resume is for freshmen only. Those who are graduate or pursuing any degree at the moment, can apply to several jobs to test their ability in different fields  and also change their taste. Sometimes it’s testing their luck too. Well this is an era of unemployment though…!

Now let us come to the point why this is needed while applying for jobs and other carrier fields…

It is easily understandable that resume is taken from each and every applicant and it depends upon you how you represent it in front of a particular.

personal details: an employee has less time to research on yourself. So he goes through the resume and builds an idea about you and note it, 60% chances are there that you are going to be selected depending on this.

Contact details: please, it is highly requested to give your contact information correctly in a resume. In case you got selected but you have mistaken in filling up the forms and skipped the contact part, poor fellow, maybe its not your time! You just missed the chance. Because companies don’t keep spies to take out your address and phone number and moreover there are 100 more like you waiting outside to take that place.

Education: it is important to put your level of education properly. In case you are seeking a job in IT sector but you completely forgot to give your college degree and in the resume you have only given school details, back off dear, the company is going to suspend you for a lifetime. You have to count for this your whole life. A good educational resume catches the attention easily.

Past career details: if you have past work experience in anything, don’t forget to put it in your resume. It brings value to it. Obviously it will separate you from a freshman and you will have higher chance to get the job. Whatever job or work you have done, don’t skip it.

Skills: another important part is showing your skills in different fields in a resume. You should include a brief summary about it. So an employer can easily track your field and understand what you can do.

          Be truthful  about your resume. You can easily understand how important it is to get a job. The potential employer will go through your resume before going through your face! Fraud in resume is completely illegal and if this is found out lately, you are sure going to be expelled from that job. Do not overdo your resume. Keep it cool and concise and presentable.

Most often I find  Students struggling for templates of resume and cover letters. To make your work easy I am adding resume and Cover letter downloads.

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