Digital Nomads


“I would travel the world, but it’s my work commitments that chain me down to this monotonous living.”

Unfortunately, several people who wait to travel the world, never actually do. They have given up their adventurous dreams because of their 9 to 5 work routines. After all, how can you travel without a penny in your pocket? A high paid job requires you to work yourself dry with fewer holidays and rushed travel expeditions. But all of this has significantly changed with the ever trending topic of Digital Nomads.

Digital Nomads

As the name suggests, digital nomads are people who travel the world without a permanent home while working remotely through the means of internet. Thereupon, their flow of income is not interrupted.

Many websites and companies are supporting digital nomads by providing budget-friendly lodging places, internet connection, and working conditions. Jobs that fall under the category of ‘work from home’ like freelancing, corporate remote working or start-up business, are the preferred work choices. As long as you have your laptop, a stable internet connection, and the required skills, working while traveling is not a Herculean task. You can work while relaxing in a hammock, sitting among the locals or enjoying snacks in a cafe.

The life of a Nomad is quite an adventure. These birds of passage flock from country to country, living the life of a constant wanderer. Nomads expand their social circles, create countless memorable stories, observe unique lifestyles from all around the globe and of course, food. Ordinarily, such globetrotters seek fun in even the little things they do. They tend to stay in a place for about 3 to 5 months, drowning them in the flavor of the surroundings, before moving on. Once satisfied, they are ready to take a leap of faith into their next ocean of thrill.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

Such a lifestyle might not be a perfect cup of tea for every individual. Moreover, it can prove to be an unpleasant experience for some. The feeling of loneliness is inevitable. You might stop feeling the ‘thrill’ of traveling when you get used to it, sooner or later. Insurance, getting local SIM cards, working in places with an unsteady network, missing out precious moments at home, Digital Nomad lifestyle has its own set of drawbacks. In case they get attached to a particular place, moving on can be a hard thing. It takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to be successful.

Digital NomadsLocation Independent lifestyle has often been considered a ‘phase’ in the life of enthusiastic Millennials. It can be short-lived for people that start longing for stability and a desire to settle down. Only passionate and dedicated travelers pursue a long-term nomadic way of living.

Traveling can be an eye-opener. The more you travel, the more you learn. Once you experience the diversified cultures all around the globe, you will discover a different side to yourself.  It is certainly a bittersweet experience. However, all of it depends on one’s way of perceiving it.


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