Forensics as your career in India

Forensics as your career in India

I doubt if we can find an Indian who has not seen or heard about “CID”. We all have been a fan of this show. Although I love that show I blame it for creating all the myths about forensics for Indians.

Here, by forensics people understand CID, by a career in forensics they imagine you as Dr. Saduke, dealing with corpses and assisted by a charming lady.

Today Forensics courses are blooming all over the country. We have courses in universities like BHU, DU as well as in the private ones.  Innumerous diploma, graduate and postgraduate courses have been developed.

Usually, students enter the forensics field by fate or due to the exaggerated coolness of the job shown by CID. I find students considering other career choices once they are hit by the reality of the Forensics. I guess the kids who grew up watching CID just can’t accept that their favorite show misled them.

Jokes apart, so what actually are the chances of making a great career in forensics in India? I’m going to try to make things clear for future aspirants.

Forensics as your career in IndiaThere are two kinds of ideologies regarding Forensics in India. Either people overestimate the career scope in Forensics or they think you’re not going to get anywhere in your life with forensics as a career.

So what is the truth?


There are 7 Central Forensic Labs. A state level Lab in each state. And then there are Regional labs. Forensic Labs are to be constructed in each district. There are private labs. You are always free to join the teaching line. Future prospects are great in the field of Forensics. Anyone can think about the scope now. If Crime ends somewhere in future then forensic might end too. Forensics is going to be everywhere until then.

What will you work with?

The work in the lab might be disturbing for many. You have to deal with viscera, Visit crime scenes, See dead people and maybe witness postmortems too, you’ll have to work with evidence you would never want to touch. Along with all this, you’ll have to deal with the emotional aspects of the cases, chopping someone’s stomach or testing those blood stains when you know how the person died, it might get too much for people. So if you can’t deal with all this don’t dare to think about forensics. But if you think that you’ll do well after a few hiccups then read ahead.

Government or Private Sector?

Forensics mainly includes the government sector. You are going to work under the “Ministry of Home Affairs” when you work in a lab. You’ll be a part of the police.

In private sector, there are many labs. You can join the private labs till you wait for government vacancies.


Now, this is an issue here. In forensics, the only post you get recruited without any experience is LAB Assistant. You are going to need an experience of lab work for each higher post. If you think that you’ll get placed right after BSc. Or MSc.  Then you’d be over expecting.

The recruitment rules vary with states but mostly you are going to need experience for applying for higher posts such as Scientific Assistant or Scientific Officer. Highest post for direct recruitment is the “Scientific Officer”. You are going to need at least 3 years’ experience to be eligible for that. So the Private Forensic labs might be of great help here.


If you work in private sector, you will need pocket money from your parents. Simple!

But if you work in the Government Sector, Well, you’re in for treats then. You’ll be paid according to the seventh pay commission. Salaries are nice for all posts but they are the best for “scientific officer” and higher posts. You’ll be a Gazetted officer earning a handsome salary and you can boast the title of a “FORENSIC SCIENTIST”

Job Satisfaction?

Forensics helps the law. Neither police nor law can help people if there is no evidence. This is the reason more than 70% cases end up being closed. If you join forensics your work will affect the lives of so many people. You’ll be an important factor in giving justice to the victims. That’s pretty satisfactory.


Perks of being a lecturer or professor in Forensics are same as they are in any other subject. Private universities offer a handsome salary too. There are numerous universities coming up with the forensics courses. Two of them being especially for forensics, the Gujrat Forensic Science University, and another one is to be constructed in Banaras.

I hope I have provided an overview to help you guys decide if you want to plunge in this field.

If you don’t mind working with dead nasty stuff and don’t faint on seeing blood you might want to consider it a career for you.




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