Halloween: Festival to Remember the Dead

four children in halloween costumes sitting around carved pumpkins

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October of every year. Countries like America, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Britain etc observe this festival.

Halloween: Festival to Remember the DeadOn this day people dress up as whoever they want especially like devils, witches, the dead like Elvis Perserly or Michael Jackson or famous fictional characters. It is used to remember the departed souls.

Reason Of Celebration:

It was celebrated 100’s of years ago by Celtics. Celtics lived in Ireland, Northern Britain, and Scotland. It was called Samhain. It is marked the last day of summer and beginning of winter. On this day they believed that the dead came to visit them and they used to pay homage to them by dressing up and praying at night.

This was before Jesus Christ. Once Christianity started spreading the religious heads were unhappy about the celebration. They wanted to influence them towards Christianity and not be harsh. They started celebrating All Saints Day on 1st November.
But the tradition did not die down. So a celebration with mixed customs began. Since it is celebrated a day before All Saints day I. E All Hallows Day it is called Halloween. Hallow as in holy and e(v)en for the evening.Halloween: Festival to Remember the Dead


Halloween: Festival to Remember the DeadHalloween: Festival to Remember the Dead








On the evening of 31st October, people dress up in their desired characters. Decorate their homes and yard with scary props like cow webs and skulls.

Halloween: Festival to Remember the DeadCarved pumpkins as light holders also called as Jack O’lantern are used for decoration.
Halloween: Festival to Remember the DeadTrick or treating is a tradition where children dressed in costumes go from house to house to collect treats. Usually, they are given chocolates and sometimes apples.

Apple bobbing is another custom where apples are placed in a bucket filled with water. The floating apples have to be taken out with mouth without touching them.
Halloween: Festival to Remember the Dead Halloween: Festival to Remember the Dead Halloween parties are being conducted in India too. Food and Deco themed horror is arranged in the evening to have a fun night.
It is a fun tradition bringing people together to celebrate the dead.


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