Self transformation is the             ultimate freedom.

* What does FREEDOM’ means to you? 

* Are you happy with your life?

* Do you treat others in the way as you want them to behave with you?

* Do you follow your heart?

* Do you take 100% responsibility of your life?

* Do you consider yourself as your best friend?

If you have no answers to these questions then you are very far away from freedom. We are so delighted with the freedom we got in 1947 that caught us in the bars of such habits with whom we are unaware that the freedom we talk about start within ourselves. Nobody gives us freedom, this is what we decide ourselves that how much free we are. We always discuss about our political system, our society, our country, various common issues, etc, but we forgets the most important person i.e. we ourselves. As a result, we bind into fear, greediness, depression, anger and negativity.

Freedom is a very strong emotion and we need to start feeling it by ourselves. ‘YOU’ are the creator and designer of your own life. Try to give wings to your freedom. Let it fly and decide what type your life you want to live. What all you can do, this is what only you can decide but you need to be very sure about how you want to live your life. Take it’s responsibility and don’t ever give any right to your situations and the people to decide the way, you want to live your life. Also keep asking question from yourself like what you can do or work so that people may know you. The moment you get an answer to this question, start writing a story of your life accordingly.

Nothing is permanent so enjoy every moment. Whenever we succeed we becomes happy and when we fails, we gradually becomes sad. But start memorising, was any experience stable? The answer comes out to be a bIg ‘NO’. This is the reason that changes very important part of our life. They are the most enjoyable part of one’s life. Actually if these things will not take place in our life, we tend to end our lives just because there will be no change.

Today we failed and struggled but tomorrow we will get success. If we don’t fail today, tomorrow the success will not be as amazing as it will be now. that’s why living every moment is freedom. Success and failure, both are good friends and is a part of same coin termed as life. That’s why adopting both success as well as failure is the only intelligence.

‘YOU’ are the one who can make you happy. Sounds different but true. For the entire life I was searching for happiness all around, but at the end while taking my last breathe I realize that i forgot to search it at my own address. Your key to happiness is with you only. No one can ever make you happy. It’s a myth that any special award or any result will give us real happiness. This is unstable. Stable happiness is with us only. It is just a matter of feeling. So, be over joyed and do whatever you want to do.

‘YOU’ are the most powerful person in your life. In childhood, whatever we used to think we used to do it without any fear or remorse. It was like we can do anything. We had full confidence on ourselves. Today also, the situations are same but we face lack of confidence situation. If we decide that we can achieve whatever we want, we want to do something, we have to change, we need to be happy, we have to be healthy, we have to be successful, we have build a good relationship, we have to learn something, etc. Then we will be happy. This is what God has gifted to every person.

Failure, sadness, disappointment, sorrow, etc., is what our brain has given and we and only we can change it. This is not a new thing. This is what we are doing since birth. Imagine a person who can do all this, he must be very powerful. He is nobody but only ‘YOU’.

Freedom is precious because we need to fight ourselves for it, so get ready to become a freedom warrior and fight for it.



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