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Time for Some Non-calendar Festivals

The precious time  of our life that is our college life . Everyone knows that the worlds of high school and college couldn’t be further apart. But, what parallels can be drawn between the two? From childhood to adulthood, high school allows you to gain a sense of what it will be like to be an adult. On the other hand, college allows you to fully take ownership of your time, responsibilities and who you want to become. life in college is incomplete without fest .

Being a Delhi university student,First three months of the years are the best because its the time when all the fest held in different colleges of  DU. Here is the list of top 10 fest of Delhi University which you wont be missing

  • Mecca- Hindu college –The Annual Cultural Fest of Hindu comes to you this month from 25th-28th February. Mecca acts as a choir of various musical events, ranging from sufi to pop and rock-n-roll, literary events, fashion shows, etc. to name a few. The past years have seen the grand success of the fest because of the participation of mind boggling number of students.
  • Crossroad-Shri Ram College of commerce-The largest cultural fest of DU that sees a footfall of over 10,000 people a day. With just a few weeks left for the fest, there is already a lot of conjecture around the campus as to which celebrity will burn the floor this time. The fests organised by SRCC have always been a part of the “Do Not Miss” list. With the huge variety of food and other events, this college does not fail to attract maximum attention towards itself.
  • Renaissance-Kirori Mal college –The fest is scheduled to be held from February 23-25. Renaissance 2015 has a long list of events lined up. KMC’S fest is known for being one of the best in North Campus. It has a huge turnout, no restricted entry and amazing performances.
  • Tempest -Miranda House -The annual fest of Miranda House is looked up to every year with a lot of excitement as it hosts the best star performances in campus. It caters to a wide variety of audience as well as participants from top institutes all over the country.Miranda House (being an all girls college) is a major attraction in North Campus, for obvious reasons. Despite that major advantage to up their entry ticket sales, they always have quality events and performance that are well organized.
  • Confluence-Hansraj College -Confluence is all about the music. It really is. With performers such as RDB , DJ Barkha Kaul , Jazzy B , Jasleen Royal and singer Neeraj Shridhar it is much like a carnival of great tunes and rhythms. Two of their main attractions in terms of events is the DJ Wars and Solo Song.
  • Ullas-Kamla Nehru College-Spanning over two days, the fest has a plethora of activities and competitions. It is a culturally active fest and all college societies’ work really hard together to take this show to another level.Caricature, Tattoo Making, T-shirt Making, English Debate ,Choreography , Indian Dance , Poster Making and Card Making… these are only some of the many events hosted by Kamla Nehru College.
  • Nexus -Shri Venkateshwar College –long recognized as a premier cultural festival of Delhi University, continues to draw high levels of talent and participation from colleges and institutes across Delhi. The Battle of Bands and One Act Theatre event are highly appreciated and enjoyed immensely by all.From the variety of events hosted, the guests invited for performances and the amount of money and effort put into it, Nexus has a lot to boast about. 2013 saw a milieu of interactive events that students could participate in including some rather interesting ones such as Chocolate Eating , Karaoke , face painting , western music and Hindustani music.
  • Reverie-Gargi college -After a series of back to back enthralling fests over the years, Gargi College presents its Annual Cultural FestReverie 2k15, Labyrinth of Life. This time, experience the magic that makes life an illusion at Gargi College. One of the best fests of DU, Reverie establishes a yard stick for the rest. This ‘all girls’ college is a perfect example of how good organizers women are. Their fest this year had been remarkable and ‘in the talks’ for so long. The shows put up by their dramatics society were a treat to watch.
  • Tarang-LSR-With events , activities , competitions and performances spanning over 3 days , Tarang is one of the festivals that highlight and exhibit aptitude and talent. With a number of literary , dance , music , photography and art competitions the gala attracts students from not only the colleges around LSR but also the colleges in North Campus and sometimes , even participants from Gurgaon
  • Harmony-St.Stephens-Harmony, the annual cultural festival of St. Stephen’s College is a festival where students can let loose completely. Their events include Face Painting, Tug of War, Battle of Bands, Wall Climbing, Food Tasting Competition, Treasure Hunt, Karaoke Night, Scavenger Hunt, Pottery Workshop and Movie Screenings.



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