How to Crack Interview: Tips for Job Seekers


Are you preparing for interview? If yes then you should definitely Read 8 Tips for Job Seekers to crack interview and get hired. There is more to getting ready and reaching address. It is important that you make a good impression in front of employer.

Know about Company

Once you are called for the interview, before the day of interview take some time out and research about company. You can visit Company’s Website, know about work culture, vision, aim, mission etc. Know about when was company founded and also know about company’s board of directors. Read about service line and then prepare accordingly as to how you can add value to them. Let them know about how you feel about them and how you skills can help them reach their mission. By performing all this you will definitely make Good Impression.

Explore Contacts

Sometimes we get opportunity from our networks. It may be due to some referral hiring or recommendations. If you get such kind of offer, first thing you can do is talk to them before interview. You can ask them about what exactly the job role is, what kind of questions to expect etc. This will help you feel more prepared. Thank you contact for the opportunity. Once the interview is over let them know how it was. Keeping them informed is good.

Prepare for General Questions

We all know that all company have similar question. General questions like tell us about your strengths and weakness? What is your short term and long term goal? What are your Goals in life? Why us? Tell us something about yourself and your family? What do you expect from us? Etc. be prepared with answers. Don’t just go blank as it creates a bad impression. Employer will think you are either not prepared or least interested in getting this job. Answer every question with confidence and be honest with them.

Stay Positive

It’s okay to be nervous, if it is your first interview. But don’t allow your mind to linger on these fearful thoughts as it won’t help you in anyway. All you can do is list down all your accomplishments. This will give you strength and make you feel confident about yourself. Just know that if you can accomplish all this then you can easily go through the interview. Think all wonderful things you want to accomplish once you get the job. You will feel positive.


How to Crack Interview: Tips for Job Seekers

Take proper sleep at night before the day of interview. Next day you will feel fresh if you sleep well. After the preparation is over for the interview just sit and relax. Do something which will calm your mind. Don’t get stressed. Go to bed early. Doing so will help you put your best for interview. Just feel confident and positive rest will happen.

If you are preparing for the interview then I hope you have known few tips that will help you crack the interview. Just know that you are the best and right thing will definitely happen at right time, don’t lose hope.

All the Best!

I want to know how you prepare for interview, Leave a comment below.

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  1. Thank you, Manishi Pande ma’am for some important tips to crack interview. To be honest ,i never been an intervied before but i have seen many answer of those general questions you mentioned above but m not satisfied with that and those general question seems very easy but its the main part of interview i guess So that’s y i m requesting you ma’am can you please tell me how should i give the answer of those general questions. i really like to know. it will be very appreciate if you teach my doubt.
    Thank you Manishi Pande ma’am.

    • Hello Rahul,
      Thanks for reading out. As described above for general interview questions all you need to do is introspect yourself about strength and weakness as you know yourself better. Know what you want to achieve in terms of professional goals. Read about companies vision and how you can add value to them. As you have said that you have gone through many sites, you can learn how to represent your answer from them. Just be honest and confident.
      Wish you all the best!

  2. Thank you Manishi pande ma’am for some important be honest i never been interviewed before but this time m going to give my first interview.Ma’am i want to know how to give the answer of those general question you mentioned above.i have seen many answer but m not satisfied with them. Ma’am m requesting you please teach me. If you teach me ill really appreciate you. it wil be very good for my interview also.
    Thank you ma’am
    your sincerely
    rahul moirangthem

  3. you can answer like “My strength is that I’m a hard worker. My weakness is that I get stressed when I miss a deadline. You need to have plan some short time Goals which is deliverable easily according to the Job description. Read about the company in Details specially vision and goals. Answer normally without polishing your words.


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