Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world


Cafe, A word that is pretty common to hear. We know every city has tons of cafes scattered around. It is probably a regular hangout place for many of us. But have you ever imagined how it would be if you could pay to experience an earthquake spilling drinks on your well-ironed clothes? Or if girls dressed as French Maids would offer spoon feeding you? Or else if you could enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while being surrounded by a bunch of purring cats? Well, these intriguing questions summarize this whole blog!

Businesses are formulating all kinds of unique concepts to attract more customers. Good for us, isn’t it? This list has your not-so-cliché types of cafes you will find all around the world. Let’s dive into this list of weird and fascinating coffee houses!

Cosplay Cafes

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Bored of the same old waiters and waitresses? Commonly referred to as the maid cafes, these Cosplay cafes have been trending since their introduction in the 2000s. The wait staff’s apparels, food, decor and the overall layout of the shop is based on a theme or fantasy. The Cosplay cafes have many subcategories, the most popular being maid cafes. If you are an anime fan, there is a high chance that you have this in your to-visit list. Let’s focus on the maid cafes for now.

“Welcome home, master (mistress)!” A common practice in such a place is to treat the guests as masters and mistresses. Taking pictures inside the cafe or asking for the maid’s personal information is not allowed. The cafes cater to a vast range of services like massages or in some cases, even spoon-feeding and ear cleaning (extra money for all this though). They’ll let you take a picture with the maids, for a fee of course. Since the whole concept is revolving around the theme of cutesy, the food is also not an exception. The food, decorated with adorable designs, would probably bring a smile on many faces. Even though they have often been a synonym to cringe, Maid cafes are loved by a lot of people, evident by the fact that they are so popular.

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Cosplay Cafes have become so increasingly popular that they have expanded their idea overseas to places aside from Japan like Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, China, Australia and many more countries!

Animal Cafes

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Imagine a scenario; you want to buy yourself a feline companion. You walk into your new apartment, greeted by a grumpy old owner and the next thing you see is a sign. “Pets not allowed”

Sometimes due to such situations, or because of lack of space or even because of a busy schedule, people are unable to get themselves a furry companion. Animal cafes work like a healing concoction for these people and have become significantly popular all around the globe. First introduced in 1998, Taiwan, the concept became a huge hit when it entered the lanes of Tokyo. North America, Australia, Europe, you name any country, they will have at least one cat cafe. We even have one here in India.

Animal cafes are not just restricted to cats though. They include dog, bunny, bird, even goat, and snake cafes. Would you pet a snake if you had the chance? I’ll pass on that one.

There are also dog cafes that encourage you to bring your pet dog and enjoy a drink or two with it. Pretty classy!

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Not enough? Here are a few more!

Board games cafe

Nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee while watching your opponent struggle with his next chess move. Another popular type of cafe that lets you play as well as buy board games and you can devour your snacks alongside. You can choose from a huge library of games, take part in occasional tournaments, and a relief from boring evenings, at last!

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Sewing Cafe

If you enjoy sewing and want a little break, this Parisian cafe has got your back! A small cafe in France lets you rent a sewing machine and enjoy chatting or getting tips and tricks from other visitors. Tasty sweets, singers in the background, and clicking of sewing machines are certainly soothing to the ears.

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Disaster Cafe

To shake things up a bit, a cafe in Lloret de Mar, Spain, let’s you experience the thrill of a 7.8 earthquake while enjoying your favorite snack. Heavy plates are used to avoid food flying across the room. The weird thing is that you never know when the earthquake will strike. All you can do is patiently wait (or eat) till the incoming jump scare.

The placed seemed to have grown popular to such an extent that is started attracting tourists. Unfortunately, it has been permanently closed down.

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Mahika Mano

A cafe in Japan combines two most glorious things. Hammocks and coffee! This cafe has hammocks instead of chairs. Swing, relax and take a nap in this soothing little cafe. The laid-back and comforting atmosphere of this place adds to its charms!

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Ziferblat Cafe

What if I told you there’s a place where you can taste 43 types of coffee for free and pay only for the time you spent at that place? A chain of cafes know by the name Ziferblat, in the UK, offers Wi-Fi, board games, piano, cakes, coffees, literally everything just for 5 pence (4.20 Indian rupees) per minute. There is no minimum time limit, no VAT or service taxes. The friendly staff and beautiful infrastructure make it a totally praise-worthy concept! You could have a cup of coffee for just a few coins if you’re fast enough.

Bizarre yet Amazing cafes in the world

Well, the world is a unique place. And it’s just the cafes! There are many more interesting things out there. Would you like to visit one? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!


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