Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Rain can be romantic but for people who need to step out of the house, it can be pretty problematic. Water logged streets, mud and not to forget the moisture in the air – it does not sound like one’s ideal dream. Nonetheless, this is when you can embrace the dainty look or go bold with your style.

Anything full length should be tucked way behind your wardrobe right now. You definitely do not want a muddy hemline on your way to work or to college. This is the right time to wear shorts , hot pants and capris.

Denim is best avoided because it takes a long time to dry once wet. But if you feel most comfortable in denim go for the cotton mixed ones which are more light and easy to wash. You can try rugged shorts or capris with long over-sized shirts. Think Alia’s look in Dear Zindagi.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Cute printed shorts add the much needed spark during the gloomy monsoon. Choose floral or geometric print in bright colours. You can also try army print shorts with a solid colour tank top for a cool look.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Embrace checked or striped shorts to bring out your nerdy side and style it with geek glasses and a messy bun. Layered lace shorts and fringed shorts are the new in thing. Avoid sheer materials this season.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Short skirts with lot of volume always look great. If you have the figure for mini skirts then flaunt it wearing denim or cotton skirts with bright crop tops.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Off shoulders and cold shoulders are in vogue and you can accessorize them with ear cuffs or long sleek chains.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Calf length palazzos are a bold statement but look great if you pull it off with confidence. Try dark solid colours and avoid white as it is difficult to manage. Wear fitted tops and sport a ponytail.

Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Maxi dresses are a big no-no . Short dresses in all cuts and design look great. During monsoon avoid covered shoes like boots and sneakers in leather or canvas as they take forever to dry if wet.

Wear cute flip-flops in vibrant shades. Jelly shoes and semi-transparent ballerinas are ideal for the weather. Try different styles in braids like fishtail or French braid as open hair is difficult to manage due to excess moisture. Wear waterproof makeup to avoid looking like a mess. Keep it simple with tinted lip balm and kajal.

For formals pencil skirts are the best choice. It should be tailored properly. Pair it with proper fitted shirts in pastel shades and keep your hair neat in either a pony or a bun. Wear minimal makeup and accessories.
Tips for a Manageable monsoon

Carry colourful umbrellas and waterproof bags as they are real life savers. Manage the monsoon with might with these tips!

– Poojaa Mukherjee

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