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The loss of art of letter writing


Letter Writing is the human art which owes its origin in the love of family and friends. Handwritings & letters are now for the textbooks only. With changing frenetic world of electronic communication, the art is slowly going on the verge of extinction. When did you write a letter?
In recent year’s death of literary letters have been laminated by a number of journalists and critics. Its replacement by emailing is not only causing worry for this art but also for the process of creative writing. Letters were not only a way to remain in touch but also a way where you could pursue more daunting and depth of mind. Rather than pulling a pen, a person feels more natural to send texts and emails now. The feelings are more reflective in written.

Advantages of these modern communications are much more than letters. But I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy receiving a letter. There’s something special about them. You feel special knowing someone has taken time just to write a letter for you. It doesn’t have to be full of news or important happenings, but it feels so much more just to receive a single letter than few texts every day.
It won’t benefit the reader only who receive the lovely letter but also the writer. Writing a letter to a friend and family can be very therapeutic, similar to writing a diary. We feel good ourselves knowing that we’re doing something to bring a smile on our friend’s faces. Also we know about half of the lives of people in history by their letters only. I just read letters of Abraham Lincoln and learnt so much about his life, his emotions, views on society and much more. When you read a letter written by your loved ones it gives a reflection of their love. Their emotions can be seen how they write.

Alas! This art of letter writing is endangered. Write a letter to your friends or family just once a month and see how much its worth is to them.

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