Travelling in the Garden City of India


Bangalore has always been a city that’s full of surprises when it comes to the weather, the IT buzz in the late 90’s, the amazing infrastructure and many other such things. The garden city is known for a wonderful climate which is loved by one and all. So whether one is visiting this pensioner’s paradise or looking for a job in one of the IT companies here, there is a lot of exploring to be done. There are numerous tourist places, hangout places and architecture that one can visit and take a look at, which makes this city a favourite destination.

Move Around the City Comfortably

Bangalore is very well connected to all prominent and outskirts of the city; thanks to a good infrastructure and transportation options. There are BMRTC buses that ply on several routes and provide comfortable transportation options to the people every day. However, if moving around at one’s own pace and exploring the city is the requirement, then there is also the option of self drive car rental that can be opted for. Finding one’s way around in Bangalore is not difficult at all because of the good roads, road signs, and GPS which is present in every smartphone these days.

Saving Time on Travel is Essential

Most IT offices, sightseeing, shopping, and eating places are spread out across the city. If one is looking for the right places, one needs to cove quite some distance, and having a self drive car makes more sense than hiring a conventional taxi ior using public transport. At peak times, the roads may be crowded, as thousands would be travelling to and from work. Having a self drive vehicle at one’s disposal helps a person plan the journey well and not rely on the public transport that could get crowded.

Finding the right travel option

Travelling in the Garden City of India

In a new city, dealing with cabs and taxi rentals is a hassle due to the language and other barriers. This is where self-drive car rentals like  Zoomcar come into the picture. This company provides self-drive cars pan India and has a wide range of cars for one to choose from. One can also hire outstation cabs Bangalore and enjoy the freedom explore the many tourist destinations around the city.


Famous places like Nandi Hills, Bannerghatta National Park, Commercial Street, and many others are famous locales that people love to explore. Having a self-drive car is sure to make one’s experience in the city a memorable and fulfilling one.


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