Some Tips To Perform Better In Exams


Exams are an important part of the education process. They help in analyzing how much a student has learnt in a particular academic semester/term. Exams bring along a fear for students of getting bad grades. Every student has a different notion of exams. Some students do not study during the entire academic term and as a result, fall prey to stress when the exams approach. Some students, on the other hand, study regularly and face no stress.Parents always expect good results from their children. Some amount of exam stress is always helpful as it alarms students. It is very important for students to know how to deal with exam stress. Do you know how to deal with exam fear? If not, then the followings tips will definitely help you.

1. Make a study plan

It is very important to make a study routine for yourself well before exams. Include how many days you have in order to prepare well. Include the entire syllabus and assign time slots to each subject. In case you have a lot of subjects to study, give all the subjects equal time. If you are weak in a particular subject, focus more on it and give it more time.

2. Meditate

Meditation helps in relaxing mind and body. It helps in improving concentration, provides mental strength and reduces stress and anxiety. Spare 15-20 minutes everyday to meditate.

3. Solve previous year papers

Solving papers helps to know the pattern of exams. It reduces the fear of exams and helps to gain confidence. Try to solve the paper in the time duration of the final exam. Make sure to revise the paper at least once before the time gets over.

4. Listen to music 

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Make a playlist of your favourite songs. Listen to those songs when you get tired of studying. Listening to songs helps in relaxation and also provides the energy to study more.

5. Think positive

After putting in all the hard work, tell yourself that you will rock the paper. It works like think positive, invite positive. Repeat it in your mind, “I have worked hard and I will get good marks.” Take a deep breath before you begin writing the paper.

All the best !


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