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#Metoo: Acknowledging Sexual Abuse

On October 7, 2017, New York Times reported the sexual assaults faced by many women and started the #Metoo Campaign which worked with award-winning producer Harvey Weinstein. The assaults have been over a period of 30 years which is deeply disturbing because the victims in the list are renowned actresses who have secured themselves a strong ground in Hollywood but were never able to come forward.

The mental pain of being harassed needs strength to overcome but shouldn’t point out the accused and getting justice for doing wrong be less painful?

That is never the case let the person be in any field.  The stigma provided by society from acknowledging to getting them punished is too much.

#Metoo: Acknowledging Sexual Abuse


The fact that Harvey got away with his antics proves that society never gave anyone a safe environment to call out wrong. Be it a man or woman they should be able to point out the person committing the wrong and make everyone aware that doing such a thing is not acceptable. Otherwise, the doers will keep doing it and encourage others to do so too. 

#Metoo: Acknowledging Sexual Abuse

This is not the first time that a famous person has been reported with sexual assaults case or misconduct with co-workers.  But this time #Metoo term was used by women in social media on being a victim of sexual assault or harassment. It was initiated by actress Alyssa Milano. 

During the first 24 hours of starting this, 4.7  million people responded with their stories showing how disturbing conditions we live in. It is a huge step to admit but so is it a chance to repair. Let’s make sure that everyone can hear and understand that it is not the victim’s fault.  No, they never were asking for it. There is a code of conduct that a huge mass of people does not know of.  Educating is need of the hour and this is the moment where maybe on eve of accepting a mere chance of learning and changing can happen. 

Another stream of tags had started too where men came forward and stated stories where they thought it was cool to act in a certain way but realized they were wrong and by stating the story they are trying to make sure that they don’t do the same. That’s exactly what is required

Change occurs in small steps. This is surely one of them. How much of change might occur by this is questionable but even one in a million is a good one. 

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