Things To Do Before Quitting Current Job


Planning to change a job? Here is what you should know before giving Resignation.

In professional field you will always come across job change, it may due to various reasons. It’s okay to leave a job and continue with other one but one should know what responsibilities one has before leaving a company. Don’t just leave it by saying I am not going to come from tomorrow or from next week , this statement clearly shows how serious you were about current job, its show you have no professional etiquette and you are left with zero respect from the company.

Create Quick Assignment List

As you know what responsibilities you are handling, create a list of it. It may be creating progress reports weekly, checking out emails, contacting some clients. Etc. Make a list of work you do. Once you complete creating it. Handover it to supervisor and explain them. Make sure all important documents, credentials are well documented. Keep things organized will be always appreciated.

Make a Smooth Transition

Things To Do Before Quitting Current Job
Inform your supervisor about your decision and ask them what help they would require from you in terms of handover. Discuss with them, create a document where required, train the person who will handle your work after you leave. This shows that you obey professional etiquette. It may also help you in future as what you saw is what you reap. Make a Smooth Transition and try not to spoil relation with anyone. As people remember you for your deeds.

Get Some Recommendations

Try to get recommendations from colleague, supervisor, and clients. Recommendation helps in certain ways. You can even write recommendation to them, after all who doesn’t like appreciation? We all do so write recommendation to colleague and in return you may even get recommendations from them.

Know Ex-Employee Benefit Plans

Knowing ex-employee benefits is really important. Set up a meeting with HR Department and know what compensation for vacation, any health insurance policy and other benefit that will continue after termination.

Save Few Work Documents for Future Reference

If you want to save certain documents for future ask your supervisor if you can take it as it belongs to the company, If they permit then you may take it with you.

Be Grateful to Company

Say thank you to everyone who made you who you are today. Say thank you to boss for being an excellent mentor and motivator. Say thank you to colleague who helped you in work and get the best results, Say Thank you to client, office staff etc. Be humble and kind and express your gratitude for the support you have received from them.

I hope you have got some idea about what things to keep in mind before leaving job. Remember don’t damage the relationship with boss, colleague, clients etc. Every employee is valuable to company if you plan out to leave inform them as some company may be completely dependent on you, informing them and serving the notice period will help company to find other resources. Plan ahead and you will be surprised to see how easily you can leave your job and move on with other without any regrets or guilt. There is always a best way to leave a job, just understand and work upon it.

Thank you for reading out. Do let me know if you have any queries, I would be happy to assist you.


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