Rune Lazuli


Rune Lazuli, also know as Humalien took to writing tiny tales to soothe her heart. She never knew she could struck the chords of thousands of people including Lady Gaga through her poetry. The Lebanese girl has been writing  ever since she could remember.

She decided to give words to her bewildered thoughts and has stolen 76.3k followers on her Instagram profile so far. Growing up, she was not very social, writing came naturally to Lazuli as she was keenly into reading. She started putting her conviction onto papers as a means to escape , as she was from a very strict household where doing much was not allowed . It was an extricating decision for her to start writing for herself. Little did she know she would be helping thousands of people through her optimism.

In an interview , Lazuli said :

“I was in school all day and got back home,” Rune Lazuli evokes. “I had posted something on Facebook, and someone commented, ‘I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Lady Gaga reposted your work.’” She pumped herself up and excitingly searched through the Lady’s Instagram page, and there she found that— Her words posted for millions to see across the globe: “Crawl inside this body — find me where I am most ruined, love me there.”

“ I felt honoured. This woman, who has seen so much artwork in her life and is a phenomenal artist herself, posts my writing, I just felt honoured.” says the 25 years old Lazuli.

For her, writing is something that could have an impact  on people. Writing became a source of happiness for her when she saw it could provide solace to the millions of hearts out there searching for tranquillity. In her words: “Writing is how I’m going to have that impact. Being able to give that to somebody, even a second of relief and understanding, that saves me and makes me so happy. Nothing can bring me more happiness than to know that something that helps and heals me is helping and healing somebody else.”

Through her words, Lazuli pressed upon the minds of millions and helped them to find their peace of mind. Here are some of her quotes which may sweep your feet off :


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  1. These feelings can only be felt by few lucky ones, I am glad you are one of them.
    (I made one of the pics as my Whatsapp status…Haha..XD)

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